Google’s Application to Filter the Doomsday Environment in Social Media: Harassment Manager

Google announced its new application Harassment Manager. Developed for journalists and celebrities, the software is useful for mass action on profanity, insulting and harassing comments on social media. It is not known when the application, which is still in the testing phase, will be fully available.

The technology development company, which the US-based technology giant Google named Jigsaw, has developed an open source application, especially for journalists and public figures. This application, called Harassment Manager (Harassment Manager), aims to prevent people who can be understood from being harassed over the internet.

The software, built on the Perspective API developed by Jigsaw, brings together the shares for one person. Focusing on social media platforms, the software analyzes the responses to the posts with its capabilities and determines the harassment content one by one. The user can then take bulk action for these posts that contain harassment, profanity or insults. Having a simple dashboard, Harassment Manager seems to be effective in preventing social media lynchings.

This is what Google’s harassment blocking app looks like

Harassment Manager

One of the most striking features of Harassment Manager is that it separates the comments made within itself. Thus, journalists and famous people will be able to follow the severity of the comments about them. Of course, all offensive posts will also be allowed to be reviewed. Harassment Manager users, who can create filters for some words, will be able to see the filtered words in a blurry way while reading the comments.


Harassment Manager is currently only available to journalists working within the Thomson Reuters Foundation. So the application is currently in the testing phase. As a result of the work to be done, the application, which will allow collective action on all posts containing profanity and behavior, will be available in general. How effective Harassment Manager will be will be better understood in the coming days.


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