Google’s Banking Service Canceled Before It’s Out


Google, one of the search engine giants, is constantly making different attempts to show that it is on every table, but we see that very few of them are put into practice. Now, Google is before us with a feature that it has not been able to put into practice. The feature this time is about banking.

Many companies are not content with what they are, but want to expand in different directions to gain volume and connect their users / customers by offering more. For example, we know as an e-commerce giant. Amazon making games We can show you.

But although in theoryexpand to offer different things to users‘ sounds logical, but when it comes to practice, things go wrong. Unfortunately, when these setbacks become unbearable, both companies wasted time both users because he was vainly encouraged loss of trust occurs. With this issue, now the US-based Google before us.

Google’s banking app Plex has been canceled:

Google Plex

Google, which always finds itself at the top of the search engine giants, was first and foremost in banking. cache named, and later named Plex He was working on an application that he changed to . Working in sync with Google Pay, the platform would have many functional features for users.

Plex, which is expected to offer many functional features from a table showing the payments you make to a feature where you can set savings targets, is normally in 2020 would come out. However, the application, which is constantly postponed and late due to the pandemic, is also a task for its development. when the employee leaves the job completely shelved.

Google Plex

Plex, which would be a banking application, would not offer a new banking service to users. Instead, by pairing the platform with existing banks, these banks can provide their services. submit it here would make it possible. For this, the company Citigroup even agreed with.


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Canceling the application Won’t affect payments with Google Pay let’s say. At this point, only the bank account cannot be matched. We will see other moves of Google, which is not thought to withdraw from the field of finance, after Plex.

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