Hacker Who Wrote A Virus That Hurt Thousands Of People Caught: He Spent All His Money On Food


A man has been caught in Australia for allegedly selling spyware to cybercriminals around the world. It turned out that this person has been selling spyware since he was 15 years old.

The fight against cybercrime continues all over the world. Australian police also caught a hacker who was creating spyware for cybercriminals. The 24-year-old man named Jacob Wayne John Keen, Imminent Monitor He was arrested on charges of producing and selling spyware.

According to police reports, Keen, which produces this remote access malware, has managed to sell it to “customers” from dozens of countries for a total of more than 300 thousand dollars. The hacker did this 15 years old stated to have started.

He spent the money on fast food and shipping.


Developed by Keen and RAT (remote access trojan) Imminent Monitor Law enforcement officials working on the virus revealed that the malware is preferred more frequently by cybercriminals and perpetrators of domestic violence. Sold to 128 countries, the software is used to steal personal information from innocent victims, remotely monitor their cameras and microphones, review documents, and spy.

made on a global scale in 2017 Cephus from the operation Australian officials, who have been collecting intelligence since then, have worked with the FBI and Palo Alto to track down the people who launched the Imminent Monitor. Police teams, who say that thousands of people in tens of countries have been victims of this virus so far, say that they took action after they had enough evidence.

While it was announced that Keen had earned between 300 and 400 thousand dollars so far, it was stated that although his mother was aware of this situation, he may have preferred not to benefit from his criminal activities. on the other hand Keen’s money It was also noted that most of them ordered food.


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