How is Work Motivation Provided?


Providing work motivation is a necessary condition while studying, developing a project or in any job. There are many ways to achieve this motivation.

While people have made many inventions throughout history, they have also discovered various things. By this time, the emergence of computers in the electronic environment, the spread of the Internet and more have been developed. People did not give up while creating new things and patiently brought great benefits to the world. So how are these people? successful are they? Let’s examine it together.

What is motivation?

Motive or by any other name motivationmeans taking action. of the person readiness for behaviorwhatever motivation it’s called. For example, when starting a business, you need to have a source of motivation. A motivated person starts that job in a more enjoyable way and does his job with pleasure.

There are two types of motivation. one of them intrinsic motivation while the other extrinsic motivation located as. work motivation For this, the internal motivation of the person should be at a good level. Here are some examples:

  • Be confident when starting a project
  • There is hope that the project will be successful
  • self reward
  • Goal setting
  • Keeping well-being high
  • Protecting your health

For external motivation, we can give the following examples:

  • Earning income from the project
  • earning respect
  • Having a comfortable environment
  • Working with a successful team

Ways to get motivation to work

Ways to get motivation to work explained below:

Pay attention to sleep patterns

One of the ways to stay motivated pay attention to sleep patternspasses through. A person who does not get enough sleep will be tired and have low energy during the day. This situation causes low motivation and causes not enough enjoyment from the work done. A person who does not enjoy a job enough will perform it with less efficiency. This also affects performance. That’s why every person having a good sleep pattern needs. Thus, motivation is higher and a happy work environment is provided.

Take care of your diet

One of the things people should pay attention to. diet is happening. Paying attention to the diet has important advantages in terms of health. Since a malnourished person can get sick, low motivation is encountered. Likewise, excessive consumption instead of malnutrition is dangerous for the body. what matters balanced diet and consuming healthy foods. This situation has positive effects on people both physically and psychologically.

Increase comfort

work motivation Another way to achieve this is to live in a comfortable environment. If the working environment is not comfortable enough, this makes the person unable to work comfortably and focus less on his work. For example, if the seat is not comfortable, a more comfortable seat should be purchased or if the back of the seat is wide, a pillow should be placed on the back. At the same time sitting style and body position Attention should also be paid to details such as

Another example is the materials used while working. The materials should be determined according to the comfort of the person. For example, if a game server operator is playing an action game, the mouse he/she uses must be appropriate for the game. In this way, while the enjoyment of the game will increase, the comfort will also be increased. In summary, comfort increase motivation has an important aspect to it.

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Take breaks, don’t be stressed

Another thing people should watch out for keeping stress levels low and relax. If there is a long-term job, it is necessary to rest at intervals, that is, to take short breaks. In this way, both health is preserved and motivation is kept at a high level.

Have a restSince it relaxes the body, it also contributes to the secretion of happiness hormones. It also significantly reduces the stress level. If short jobs are being done, a break of a few minutes should be given at the end of each job. Tget fresh air It will be a relaxing experience.

reward your brain

One of the most important things people can do is reward themselves. work motivation Those who want to keep their level high should pay great attention to this issue. This is because rewarding the brain releases happiness hormones.

Happiness hormones serotonin, dopamine and endorphins It is provided by various hormones such as Endorphin is a hormone that makes the person happier by relieving pain. Dopamine is explained as doing the things that a person is addicted to. For example, a person who loves coffee secretes this hormone with a few cups of coffee a day. Serotonin makes you happy with the little things.

So how do we get the brain to secrete happiness hormones while doing work?

For this reward the brain needs. This is how a person keeps their hormones active if they do things they love. For example, a favorite food or beverage can be consumed during breaks at work. Even consuming food and drink while working It contributes to being happier while working.

For example, suppose a long job is done. Working to make it more fun while doing business, should be divided into parts. At the end of each piece a favorite food should be put into the mouth. made this way rate of work efficiency increases even more.

Be a planned individual

Being plannedIt means getting things done. Plan tomorrow’s business today so that productivity will increase. A day contains 24 hours. If a person does business in an impromptu manner, he becomes more confused. Thus, the person cannot use the 24-hour time efficiently and this causes some of the time to be wasted. For this reason, the next day should be planned the day before, especially in the evening. work motivation, will be higher thanks to the preparation done. In addition, the person will be able to devote more time to himself.

improve yourself

People need to develop themselves in order to be motivated when starting a business. Education continues throughout life. Always new things to learn and should have more experience. Even if a person knows graphic design, he will continue to learn new things in this field. Because technology is developing and new techniques are emerging.

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Keep statistics

One of the things that can be done keep statistics. Graphics are something some people love. Those who like to analyze and interpret graphics are also a good choice for themselves. performance chart can prepare.

For example, let’s take a person who writes an article. Have the author write down how many words he writes on the chart each day. The user who writes 2,000 words on the first day, writes 2,200 words the next day. The next day, let him write 2,500 words.

Seeing the rise on the graph, the writer felt himself due to this positive picture. more motivated will feel. Thus, more than pleasure will start to take it. Of course, it is important to balance after a while, as it will not always be possible to upgrade the data and there will be a limit for people. So what one has to do is lower and upper limit Determine and maintain the level. work motivationcan be obtained in this way.

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