How Many Units GTA 5 Has Sold So Far (Who Is Still Buying This Game?)

Take-Two Interactive has announced its sales data for the third quarter of 2022. According to the statement, GTA 5 sold 5 million units in the last three-month period. Thus, the total sales of the game exceeded 170 million.

Incorporating two important names in the video game world, Rockstar Games and 2K Games, as well as mobile game giant Zynga. Take-Two Interactivepublished its financial position report for the third quarter of 2022. The statements made on the subject were of interest, especially in terms of GTA 5. So much so that it was launched in 2013, included in very strict discount campaigns over the years, and even made free reveals that the game continues to sell like cheesecake.

We will not argue that GTA 5, released by Rockstar Games, is a good game. But to understand how this game sells even today not possible. According to Hannah Sage, one of the top executives of Take-Two Interactive, GTA 5 5 million units in the last 3 months sold.

The sales figure of GTA 5 has exceeded 170 million!


According to the official statement, GTA 5 sales have been increasing since the game’s release. Over 170 million units. When we look at the total sales of all GTA games, we see the result of 385 million. According to these statistics, GTA 5 sales, all GTA games almost half as much You could say it’s sold.


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Do you need GTA 6 when sales are this good?


Almost all of the gamers have been waiting for the release of GTA 6 for years. However, if we look at the available data; we expect more. Because GTA 5 sells more than 1.5 million every month. So this game still gives its developer to today. millions of dollars it makes money. Would you use your resources and continue working on a new game when there is a game that sells this much?


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