How to change Twitter name?

In Twitter, a social media platform, every user has a username. These usernames start with the “@” symbol. Changing this username is quite easy.

One of the most used social media platforms in the world twitteris . It serves people with more than 200 million active users daily. It is actively used every day by millions all over the world, including our country. It is used in many fields such as humor, entertainment, economy, politics, technology, science and art.

How to change Twitter name

Twitter is generally used to raise awareness in social events. It is known as a platform for people who want to make their voices heard in public. With this feature, it is easily distinguished from its competitors. It is not a social media platform used only for entertainment and humor. Twitter is a social media application used all over the world. However, it is used by many more people in some countries than in others. Top 10 countries where Twitter is used the most is in the table below:

Arrangement Country Number of users
one USA 76.9 million
2 JAPAN 59.9 million
3 INDIA 23.6 million
4 BRAZIL 19 million
5 INDONESIA 18.5 million
6 ENGLAND 18.5 million
7 TURKEY 16.1 million
8 SAUDI ARABIA 14.1 million
9 MEXICAN 13.9 million
10 THAILAND 11.5 million

Twitter users differ from each other according to their intended use of this social media platform. Some users use Twitter to follow the agenda. These users use Twitter to see the posts shared by other users. Some users have too many followers and use it to appeal to different segments. Usernames are not very important for users who do not want to increase the number of followers. But for those who want to increase the number of followers and become a phenomenon, usernames are very important. The frequent changes of these names make branding more difficult. At the same time, it would be much more logical to put catchy names.

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For different reasons, users want to change the name they have chosen before. There are a number of steps that users who want to change their username should follow. There are steps to follow for this very easy process. If these steps are followed, the username is changed very quickly.

How to change Twitter username?

It is possible to change usernames via Twitter. Users can access Twitter both with the help of computers and mobile devices. User name changes are also made on both PC and mobile. Name changes made on computers and mobile devices are different from each other. As a result of the transaction, the same changes occur in the accounts. But the steps to follow vary. Both options are pretty easy though. In this way, Twitter allows to change the username.

Changing the username does not affect the followers that already exist. Nor does it change the account holder’s direct messages or previous replies. When the username is updated, users who follow the account will now encounter the new name. When entering the profile of the account whose username has changed, followers will see the new username. Before changing the username, it is useful to inform the followers about the subject. Thus, they have the opportunity to send replies or direct messages using the new username. When the username is changed, the old username becomes available to other people. This is something that users who want to change their username should pay attention to. If the old username has brand value, it is necessary to think carefully before changing the username. It should be taken into account that different People can manage accounts using this brand value. It should be considered that users who know the account may confuse the Twitter account that started using the old name. It is also a situation that should be considered that the account that starts using the old name may damage the brand.

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How to change Twitter username on PC?

Changing the username on the PC Users who want to follow the steps below:

  • Login to Twitter account with username and password.
  • In the navigation bar after login More button is clicked.
  • Next Security and Privacy item is selected.
  • On the screen encountered here Your account must be clicked on.
  • Account info button should be clicked.
  • Here Twitter requests a verification. It is desired to make sure that the user who wants to change the name is the account owner. This verification requires entering the Twitter account password.
  • Later on Account info in the section User name reaches the area. There is an option to update the current username here. A username that has not been taken by another user before is created.
  • Finally Save button is clicked. Thus, the process is completed.

How to change Twitter username on mobile?

Changing username on mobile Users who want to follow the steps below:

  • Login to Twitter account with username and password.
  • located in the upper left corner What profile picture must be touched.
  • On the screen encountered here Settings and Privacy option must be selected.
  • from here first My accountlater on Account info steps must be followed.
  • After that User name section opens and a new username is entered here. A username that has not been taken before must be selected.
  • Finally Finished button is clicked. Thus, the process is completed.
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The above steps are followed in the same way on different mobile devices. While there are minor interface differences, these steps will work on any mobile device. both iOS as well as Android Twitter user name is changed by following the above steps in the operating system.

How long can Twitter usernames be?

Twitter is a social media platform that has a length limit on usernames. Owners of Twitter accounts have to follow some rules when choosing a username. Usernames min 5, max 15 must be characters long.

Also, spaces are not allowed in usernames. Username characters letter, number or underscore (_) selected from among the characters. The display names of the accounts are up to 50 They are set to be characters long.

What should be considered in name changes on Twitter?

Twitter usernames should be thought of as the identity of accounts. In other words, it is the identity information required for followers following an account to recognize that account. Frequent Twitter name changes run the risk of followers not being able to recognize the account. Usernames appear in direct messages or mentions. Frequent changing of user names causes the account not to be recognized in direct messages or mentions.

If the account whose username is wanted to be changed has any brand value, much more attention should be paid. Because after the name change, the old name becomes available to other users. It is recommended that accounts that have reached a certain number of followers should not change their name. Because the name they have is known and recognized by other users. This positively affects account reliability and brand value. If a different account uses this name, the reputation of the page will be adversely affected.

It is very difficult to get the old name back after a name change. Therefore, users who want to change their name should think carefully. The Twitter social media platform does not allow for frequent name changes. Even if Twitter allows it, the old name cannot be restored if it has been used by a different user.

There is one more element that needs to be checked before changing the name. It is checked that the new name to be imported is an unused username. In the search bar, the name you want to be taken is written. In this way, it is checked whether such an account exists. If the desired name has already been taken, it will not be possible to change the name.

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