How to Custom Search?

Thanks to the private number, people make calls in a way that their identities and phone numbers are kept confidential. There are different ways to make a private search.

In order to make a call from a private number, the number to be called must be written in the dial field. Then, without pressing the call button, start this number. #31# should be added. When searching like this Turkcell, Vodafone and Turkish telecom Special calls can be made from operators.

For example, if it is written as #31#0507432XXXX, the requested number is made with a secret ID. The number entered in the dialing screen in this way, when the call button is pressed, the dialing process will start. By prefixing it with #31#, “Private Number Search” or “Hidden Number” is written on the screen of the number owner called in the format in the example. The caller number does not appear.

How to search mobile phone private number?

For people who only want to make a one-time special number dialing, using the #31# method would be practical. Those who want to make more than one call as a private number do not want to add #31# to the beginning of the number each time. Those who want to make more than one private number call should make settings on their mobile phones. Thus, they ensure that all calls they make turn into private number calls. How to activate the private number dialing feature in Android and iOS operating systems is explained below.

How to search Android private number?

Those who want to make a private number call on their Android smartphone should follow the steps below:

your phone “Call” part should be opened.
In this section “Options”e should be clicked.
Appearing here “Search Settings” section should be clicked.
After that “Additional Settings” over “Caller ID” should be selected.
After this election “Hide Number”Click to complete the process.

If these steps are followed in order, people with Android devices will make their calls as private number calls. In this way, they reach the people they call in a way that their identities remain confidential without revealing their numbers.

Multiple calls will be treated as private number calls as long as this feature stays that way. After the processes are finished, the same steps must be followed to return to normal search. In the last step “Hide Number” The search is made by deactivating the button. Thus, searches will no longer be private. Thus, users will be able to see who is calling who they are calling.

How to dial iPhone (iOS) private number?

Owners of iPhone (iOS) devices must follow some steps to be able to dial a private number. These steps are given in the table in order:

Firstly “Settings” should go to the menu.
From here “Telephone” part must be selected. After that “Calls” section should open.
Appearing here “Show My Number” By playing on the option, the desired search is made.

In the last step “Show My Number” option will not allow private search when the button next to it is green. If it is turned off by pressing this button, the show my number feature will be deactivated. Calls made in this way are made as private number calls.

If it is turned off, the green color will be replaced by a gray color. If it is gray, this feature is not active. Outgoing calls will appear on the called person’s screen as a private number call. In case of giving up making a private number call, this step should be reached by following these steps again. After reaching this stage, show my number from the same button feature should be activated. Thus, outgoing calls will cease to be private number calls. It is carried out in such a way that the number of the caller can be written on the screen of the called person.

Why can’t I call the other party from a private number?

If private number calls are not ringing, the owner of the dialed number has switched off the device for private number calls. A number that turns off the device for private number calls cannot be privately called by other numbers. Numbers that have not blocked private number calls will be open to private number calls. If the person to be called does not allow private numbers, it cannot be called from the private number.

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