How to Delete WhatsApp Backup?


WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app. WhatsApp’s chat backup feature is a unique feature offered to users. But these backup messages, which take up too much space, are sometimes a problem. Deleting these backup messages is quite simple. Keep reading!

Recently, the number of applications designed for people to communicate with each other has been increasing. But among these applications, leadership has been around for years. WhatsAppat This application is actively used in all countries around the world. Almost all people, regardless of age, use WhatsApp for messaging. WhatsApp, social media platforms with the highest number of users managed to get in.

The application, which is generally used for chatting, also serves for different options. For example; Sharing photos, videos or audio is also possible for WhatsApp users. In addition to these, options such as video and audio talking are also available in the application.

How to Delete WhatsApp Backup

Why are WhatsApp chats backed up?

WhatsApp regularly backs up chats on the phone. So, in a way, the phone memory is backed up. This is to ensure that chats can be transferred on phone exchanges.

When the WhatsApp application is deleted and reinstalled, access to the old chats is again provided. This access is again thanks to the backed up chats. A backup is essential to restore old chats. But if the phone is lost, it is not possible to access the old messages.

WhatsApp backups causing storage issues

Messaging via WhatsApp automatically registers on the phone. Phone memory, on the other hand, will be more exhausted after these backups. In order to open the memory, the method of deleting the backup messages is used.

Sometimes it is desirable to delete backups so that personal messages are not read by different people. Some users, on the other hand, do not want chat backups to remain on the old phone when changing phones.

Phone memories have a limited capacity. Photos, videos, documents and applications on phones already occupy a large part of the memory. WhatsApp chat backups further narrows the remaining memory space. Over time, this memory problem becomes a nightmare for users. The consequences of not being able to perform further operations with the phone occur if the memory is full. Deleting WhatsApp chat backupsIt frees up memory space. For this reason, users occasionally delete backups.

Are backups deleted when WhatsApp chats are deleted?

Deleting chats on WhatsApp It’s a pretty simple process. But after chats are deleted, chat backups are not deleted. Deleting chat backupsis a different operation. It is worth noting that after cleaning the chats, the backups are also cleaned. If there are chats that are undesirable to be read by different people, their backups should also be deleted.

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How to delete WhatsApp backup?

Not only text but also visual media files are added to WhatsApp backups. This means that the shared data is backed up by taking up much more space. These backup operations are done in cloud services. Sometimes chats are backed up to occupy the phone memory.

WhatsApp backs up messages every day unless the chat backup option is disabled. Deletion of backup chats differs according to devices, preferences and operating systems.

Deleting WhatsApp chat backups on iOS devices

As operating system WhatsApp chat backups iCloud on iOS devices takes place through. Therefore, in order to delete WhatsApp chat backups, iCloud account must be entered. The steps to be followed in order to delete chat backups for iOS devices are listed below:

  • You need to go to the settings menu. Here you need to log in to iCloud account with Apple ID.
  • After logging in, from the section under the iCloud heading Manage Storage option is selected.
  • Here, WhatsApp application is selected from the menu that opens on the screen. Later on Delete Data is clicked.

If these steps are followed, WhatsApp chat backups on the device will be cleared. This frees up more space that can be used in memory.

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Deleting WhatsApp chat backups on Android devices

WhatsApp, Android makes the backup to two different places on devices with operating system. The first of these places is the device itself. Chat backups are made using the phone’s own memory. Secondly, Google Driveis . WhatsApp also keeps chat backups on this cloud system.

Android users to clean their chat backups they struggle a bit. Backups are deleted from the device and Google Drive separately.

Deleting WhatsApp chat backups from device on Android devices

To delete WhatsApp chats backed up on Android devices There are steps to follow. These steps are sequentially given below:

  • located on the main screen. my files must go to. All files are opened from here.
  • Among the files WhatsApp file is selected.
  • Via the menu that appears databases is clicked on. Here msgstore.db.crypt chat backups are included in the format.
  • Chat backups on the device are deleted from this section.

Deleting WhatsApp chat backups from Google Drive on Android devices

To delete WhatsApp chat backups saved in Google Drive there are things to be done. These are done using the mobile app or desktop version. This is done if the following steps are followed with the mobile device:

  • The Google Drive application opens on the mobile device. Login to the application with e-mail and password.
  • From the drop-down menu at the top left Backups go to tab. Here are all the backups for the device.
  • WhatsApp chat backups are selected and deleted from the backups.

To be able to delete Google Drive WhatsApp backups with desktop device the following steps are followed:

  • The Google Drive desktop version opens. Login to the application with e-mail and password.
  • From the left menu Backups page opens. Here are all the backups for the device. It is also possible to delete all backups at once.
  • In order to examine the backup files in more detail, the gear icon must be clicked. The gear icon is located in the upper right corner. After clicking here Settings is selected. Thus, only backups for WhatsApp are accessed.

In the window that opens, there is a menu on the left side. From here Manage Applications button is clicked. From this section, WhatsApp backups are accessed and the desired backup is deleted.

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