How to do a Double Major?

Double major is when students enrolled in any undergraduate program start a second undergraduate program. Thus, students are entitled to receive two different diplomas at the same time.

double majoris a program that allows you to earn two different diplomas by studying two different departments. Thanks to this, students enroll in a different undergraduate program besides their undergraduate program. Two different parts are read simultaneously. Thus, job opportunities increase thanks to two different diplomas.

Those who want to do a double majormust be currently enrolled in at least one undergraduate program. The only requirement for a double major is not to be registered in any undergraduate program. There are some responsibilities that students who want to do a double major must fulfill. In addition, the double major application requirements must also be fulfilled.

Universities have the right to determine the dates of applications for double major programs themselves. Students should apply to this program in the 3rd semester at the earliest and the 5th semester at the latest. Students who do not attend the first 3 semesters cannot apply to this program. In addition, those who have been studying in undergraduate programs for more than 5 semesters cannot apply.

How to do a Double Major

Those who want to apply to the program must have passed all the courses they have taken until the semester they apply. If any course taken is unsuccessful, students cannot apply for a double major program. Finally, their grade point averages must be above the lower limit determined by their university. Their rankings should also be in the lower percentile determined by their universities. Students who do not meet these conditions cannot apply for a double major program.

What are the conditions to continue the double major program?

Those who want to apply for a double major program are successful in their undergraduate program. must be among students. The definition of outstanding achievement varies from university to university. Generally GPA A limit of 2.5 out of 4 is seen in many universities.

Some universities require a GPA of 2.7 or 3.0 out of 4. Some universities do not look at the GPA. Instead, in the undergraduate program that the student continues percentile takes over. Applications are rejected if the condition of crossing the lower limit set by the university is not met. For example, in some universities, students who are not in the 20% slice are not allowed to apply to the program.

Is it possible to enroll in more than one program at the same time as a double major?

Those who want to enroll in a double major program should carefully decide which education they want to pursue in their second undergraduate education. Because each student has the right to do only one double major. It is not possible to register more than one double major at the same time.

Minor programs are available for those who want to study more than one department in addition to the undergraduate program. A student only one double major enroll in the program. But if the student wishes, multiple minor programs registers.

Does the success of the second department in the double major program affect the major?

Those enrolled in a double major program take both undergraduate courses and major courses at the same time. The grades of the courses taken in the second branch do not affect the grades of the major. Those who fail the courses in the double major program direct their majors with due care.

Will the double major of the student who has done a double major and failed in the major courses be cancelled?

Second undergraduate course grades do not affect the grades of the major course. However, a failure in the major courses affects the double major program.

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