How to Install Minecraft Forge?


Minecraft Forge can be described as a library that provides the modded Minecraft experience. Thanks to this library, players can install mods. Read on for details!

Minecrafthas been in our lives since 2009. It became a full version with version 1.0 in 2011. Some players in version 1.19 as of 2022, although Vanilla Minecraft Although he plays, sometimes he is looking for differences.

Minecraft for the players mod game experience Forge’s great features should be known. Forge library Thanks to mod makers, players benefit from these mods while developing mods. So what does the modded version of Minecraft do and how to install it?

What is Minecraft Forge?

Forge was created by updating Minecraft’s files. a special system presenting structure. Minecraft Forge During installation, a new version is created by copying some files in Minecraft. Some changes are made to the files on this version. For example, for version 1.12. Forge When installed, the 1.12.2 version files are copied. Then the files in the duplicate version are updated. In this way, the main version is not affected by the change.

So what does this specially updated version do? This version by improving the game’s library game mod support adds. After installing Forge, in the main directory of the game “modsThe ” directory is created. Thanks to the mods thrown into this folder, the game new features is added. in a nutshell Minecraft Forgeadds new libraries to enable mods to be added to the game. While the developers develop mods with this library, players play the game by installing mods.

How to Install Minecraft Forge

How to install Forge?

If you want to install a mod in an easy way CurseForge Launcher use is recommended. With CurseForge Launcher, the user creates a profile and selects the Forge version. Then he quickly selects the mods he wants from the mod library.

If this process is to be done manually, first to this link should be clicked. Which version will be used from the version section on the left tab. version must be selected. On the next page “installer” button should be pressed. After the file is downloaded, it should open. Let’s say that the main version Minecraft Launcher It must be installed with

downloaded Minecraft Forge In the window that will appear after the file is opened, “Install client” should be selected. If the directory where Minecraft is installed is different installed location must be selected. Next “ARROW” button should be pressed. After the installation process is finished, the player is now ready to install the mod.

You can download the mods on the internet and put them in the main directory of the game..minecraftin the ‘ directory ‘modsIt should be placed in the ” folder. However, the mods compatible with version should be examined. After that, the mods should be installed. After these processes, the game can be launched with Minecraft Launcher. Via Forge version should be started.

How to set up Forge server?

Minecraft Forge To install the server, the same file must be downloaded as we have explained above. After openingInstall server” should be pressed. Afterwards, an empty directory should be selected where the server files will be located. Finally “ARROW” button should be pressed.

After the server directory is ready “start.batA file named ” should be created. “Java -Xmx1G -jar Server.jar” code must be registered. “1GWhile ” is RAM to be given to the server, “server.jar” is the name of the server file. The server file is usually “1.12.2-forge…It starts with “. The name of this file should be made simpler. “server.jarYou can simplify it with shorter names like ”.

Before starting the server, the user must install the necessary mods in the server directory “modsIt should put it in the ” folder. Then the server “start.batIt should start with the ” file. At first start EULA it will give error. Formed “eula.txtvalue in file ”true” and the server should start again. In this way Minecraft Forge server is installed.

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