How to Make a GIF

Most of the time, emojis are insufficient to convey the desired emotion. To overcome this deficiency, GIFs are one of the most used digital files. There are many GIFs that have taken their place in the digital world as standard.

In order to deal with situations where emojis are insufficient to convey emotions, GIF use is preferred. Existing GIFs may be insufficient in some cases, so original Making a GIF programs have been designed. These programs are downloaded to mobile devices. Then, original GIFs are easily prepared over a preferred video.

What is GIF?

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is the name of the image format invented in 1987 by US software developer Steve Wilhite. GIF is created by making the smallest file size images animated.

GIFs are a tool that reduces file size without reducing the level of visual quality. bitmap is the image. A JPEG image displays up to 16 million different colors. GIF supports up to 8 bits per pixel per image. In total, it allows up to 256 colors throughout the image.

GIFs, which were considered amateur images when they first appeared, are now accepted. It is one of the basic tools that is often included in social media shares. GIFs are easily shared across multiple social media. GIFs created by experienced designers or casual users are found through search engines. GIFs add additional value to shares and more effectively reflect what is meant to be expressed.

How to make a GIF?

GIF is created by combining different photos or using certain sections of videos. GIFs are created using an app designed to create or through the GIF site.

The application to be used in the first stage of GIF preparation must be downloaded and installed on a computer or mobile device. If a GIF is to be created through a site, it is necessary to be a member of the site.

Creating GIFs does not require any expertise. to search enginesDownload GIFBy typing ‘, you can easily find the resources. Images and videos must be uploaded to online tools. This way, GIFs are created quickly and easily.

What are the methods of making GIFs?

There are 4 different methods used to make GIFs. The difference between these methods is the program used as the intermediary to make the GIF. It should be decided which way to make GIFs according to the device or application used.

Making GIFs on WhatsApp

One of the most popular messaging apps GIF on WhatsApp too makes. There is no need for another additional mobile application for this. For this, it is sufficient to have the WhatsApp application installed on a smartphone.

Making GIFs with WhatsApp the following steps should be followed:

The WhatsApp app should open.
Click on a message screen.
Open the camera by clicking the camera button on the keyboard.
A GIF-length video should be shot by holding down the record button.
GIF and video options will be seen on the sending screen that appears after the video is taken. From here, tap on the GIF option.
As soon as the send button is pressed, the captured video will be transmitted to the other party as a GIF.
Thus, the GIF sent is downloaded to the smartphone.

Make a GIF from screen recording

A GIF is created by recording the screen on the computer. In this way, the desired image is recorded. Thus, it becomes a GIF.

To create a GIF from the screen recording, the following steps should be followed:

Any of the programs such as GIPHY Capture, ScreenToGif, LICECap or GifCam must be downloaded to the computer.
The program should be installed on the computer by following the installation steps correctly.
When the program is started, a red framed screen will appear.
The size of the red framed screen should be enlarged as much as the area you want to record.
Then, the recording should be started by pressing the color recording button located under the red framed screen.
When the red record button is pressed again, the recording will also stop.
The pixel size of the GIF, the frame rate per second can be adjusted and different additions are made.
Once all edits are made, the GIF is saved.
Now the created GIF is shared.

Make a GIF on a phone or tablet

To make a GIF on a phone or tablet again the program or application must be downloaded. Thanks to the mobile applications that can be downloaded, GIFs are easily made.

What needs to be done is to follow the steps in the downloaded application. GIF Maker, ImgPlay, and GIPHY are popular GIF-making tools. One of these apps is easily downloaded to a phone or tablet to create GIFs.

Make GIF from YouTube video

Another way to make a GIF from a phone or computer is to use an existing Youtube video. A selected portion of a Youtube video is converted to a GIF via an online GIF site.

What are the best GIF maker programs?

It is possible to prepare original GIFs to be used in the URL parts of platforms such as YouTube.

It is among the most popular GIF creator programs. This application allows you to evaluate the videos of YouTube and many similar sites as GIFs. At the same time, the program also makes GIFs from videos or photos uploaded to the computer.

One of the programs for making GIFs for free is IMGUR. Moreover, longer duration GIFs are made with this popular program.

GIF is easily prepared with this program. This app also makes GIFs from videos captured using a computer camera. On the other hand, it also supports long-term videos.

With this program, GIF sizes are set securely. In addition, the desired original content is created. It is easy to use thanks to its active optimization feature. It provides the opportunity to prepare GIFs in a short time. It has a more detailed usage opportunity compared to other services offered.

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