How to Make Blender Video Editing?


Blender is a software with various features such as modeling, game development and video editing. In this tip, we will explain the Blender video editing process in detail.

Some users are not financially well-off to purchase apps. In such a case, among the alternatives of users free apps is located. There are many applications that are free and of high quality. one of these blenderis a quality and free software that is at the forefront with its many possibilities.

Blender and its features

Blender is a software mainly used for modeling purposes. This application is also known for its many possibilities besides modelling. In addition to modeling game development, video editing and creating visual effects is located.

make an animation Blender, which also has the feature, first started broadcasting on January 2, 1994. The application, which developed itself after this date, was quite primitive and simple in the first periods. However, in the latest versions, it has become possible to carry out realistic studies with the software. Blender was finally released to people on September 7, 2022 with version 3.3.

Blender video editing Before we talk about the features, let’s talk about the general features of Blender. C, C++ and Python Blender, which is an open source software coded with , has 36 language support. app windows, Linux and macOS It can also be used in various operating systems such as This application pleases many users with its low size.

One of the most important and basic features of Blender is modeling support. Designers can create a professional model with the modeling tools in the application. It can even prepare the texture of this model within the software. The app has so many tools that the interface is confusing for first-time users. The fact that such a detailed application is free makes people happy.

How to Make Blender Video Editing

Another feature of the application is the animation creation feature. Users reveal fluid animations along with quality graphics. Another feature is the simulation. While flow physics is applied with flow simulation, the movements of the object are simulated thanks to the fabric simulation.

Blender video editing Before moving on to the title, let’s give some information about the visual effects. Visual effects are shimmering effects in video, animation, and games. These effects usually require more powerful hardware to develop. Because the resources consumed by these effects are at serious levels. Blender also performs well in the VFX field.

How is Blender video editing done?

Application animation, 2D animation, VFX and Modelling He is very successful in various subjects such as Blender also provides opportunities for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects Those who do not want to use applications such as blender can use the tool. This tool paves the way for professional video editing by incorporating some of the features in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Especially basic video editing and add effects Blender is sufficient software for those who need features such as: To edit videos, Blender must first be installed and then the application must be launched. On the screen that appears after the application starts, there will be a “Video Editing” title in the “New File” section. After clicking this title, the video editing window will open.

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One of the most important features of video editing is adding media files to the timeline. For this, the drag and drop feature is practically used. For example, when a video is dragged to the timeline, it is added to the timeline. Video and audio files are included separately. As in Adobe Premiere Pro, the video and audio file are not linked in Blender. In other words, the user can remove the audio file if he/she wishes.

Blender video editing one of the features cut the scene feature. This feature video editing work It is of vital importance to those dealing with Because when editing video, unnecessary parts need to be cut. Blender has a quick way around this. All you have to do is select the scene to be cut and press the “K” key. More than one cutting operation is applied when more than one file is selected.

Among the features that users care about video effects feature is also included. Some users can also add effects such as zooming in on certain points of the video or adjusting transparency. For this, the area in the lower right is used. For example, there is an opacity setting in the “composition” tab here. Thanks to the dot on the right, it is also possible to update the transparency in an animated way. This menu also includes support for many more animations such as zooming, cropping and color editing. Blender video editing One of the best things about the tool is that it allows you to add animations to every feature.

Blender allows users to edit video professionally. However, the most important shortcoming of the software is that there is no animation on the video. Other than that, the app is very useful.

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