How to Open Telegram Channel?

Telegram is now the most used messaging platform after Whatsapp. The biggest reason why it has become so popular is that you don’t have to share your phone number. Thus, there are many possibilities such as chatting with many people at the same time in a safe environment.

Recently and due to the coronavirus Telegram gained a lot of attention. WhatsAppAlthough Telegram is still the app of choice for communicating, Telegram is increasingly being used to disseminate information to large numbers of people. With the popularity of Telegram, the number of channels began to increase. How to open a Telegram channel explained below:

  • Firstly Telegram Open the app.
  • Go to the chat tab ‘Pen’ Tap the icon. (It is located in the upper right or lower right corner, depending on the device you are using.)
  • at the top of the page ‘New Channel’Click ‘.
  • at the top of the page that opens. ‘Create ChannelClick on ‘.
  • Add your channel’s name, description and photo with the page that opens.
  • ‘Forward’ Continue by pressing the button.
  • ‘Channel Type’ You should set the privacy settings of your channel in the section. your channel ‘Hidden’ Only subscribers you invite will join your channel. However ‘General’ If you prefer it to be, everyone can join your channel.
  • After saying next, you can send invitations to your contacts or complete the Telegram channel creation process.
  • If your channel ‘Hidden’ If you selected as, your installation process is complete. Now you have to share the link address given to you with the people you want. So you get them to subscribe to your channel.
  • your channel ‘General’ If you selected as the last step, you must also specify a link address to find your channel. In this way, people who want to click on your link and join your channel.

How to add admin to Telegram channel?

‘Channel’ open the page.
top right of the page to your profile picture Click.
On the next page ‘Managers’ Tap on.
‘Add Admin’ By saying that, you can choose any of the people who have subscribed to your channel and make them become administrators.
How to Open Telegram Channel

How to delete Telegram channel?

If you want to delete your telegram channel that you opened, you should follow these steps:

  • ‘Channel’ open the page.
  • located at the top right of the page to your profile picture Click.
  • ‘More (…)’ Tap .
  • In the drop-down menu ‘Delete Channel’ Click the button.
  • A confirmation window will open. From here again ‘Delete Channel’ confirm your action.

What does the Telegram channel do?

  • Telegram channel allows you to chat with many people at the same time without sharing your phone number.
  • It provides the ability to invite exactly 200,000 people to a Telegram channel.
  • Since only administrators can send messages in the Telegram channel, there is no message crowd or confusion.
  • Website owners increase the number of followers on their Telegram channels. This channel creates a good traffic source for websites.
  • You also have the possibility to create a discussion group at any time. So you help everyone on your channel chat.

What are Telegram channel features?

  • Only the channel owner or designated admins designated by the channel owner can send messages.
  • It is an ideal platform for one-way communication.
  • In the channel, messages are shared with the channel name. However, if desired, a message can be sent with the name of the administrator by selecting it from the settings.
  • Subscribers to the channel respond to messages sent by the administrator. However, this happens below the message being thrown. Mentions that come under a Tweet posted on Twitter are an example of this.
  • As subscribers see the message, the reading counter at the bottom right of the message increases.
  • With the reading counter, it is tracked how many people the message was sent to and how many people read it.
  • There is no limit in terms of subscribing to the channel. Unlimited people have the opportunity to subscribe to the channel. However, a maximum of 200,000 people should subscribe to the groups created.
  • Members who subscribe to the channel cannot see who is on the channel or other subscriber information. Only the administrator can access this information.
  • Subscribers to the channel only display the number of subscribers of the channel.

How to create a group in Telegram?

  • Telegram Open the app.
  • in the Chat tab. ‘Pen’ Click the icon.
  • On the opened page ‘New Group’Tap a.
  • Click on the contacts you want to add to the group from your contact list.
  • Choose a name and profile photo for your group
  • Confirm by pressing the blue tick and your group is now ready.

After you create your group, you must set what group members can do. For this;

  1. ‘Group’ Tap the icon.
  2. Click and hold on the name of the group participant whose permissions you want to edit.
  3. If you wish, you can contact this person now. executive you do.

What is the difference between Telegram channel and group?

  • As we explained above, the Telegram group is ideal for communicating or collaborating with smaller audiences. Channels, on the other hand, are ideal for delivering messages to large audiences and generating traffic.
  • Only administrators send messages in Telegram channels. People who subscribe to the channel cannot send or reply to a message on the channel. In Telegram groups, members can send messages and chat. However, it should be noted that administrators have the ability to restrict members from sending messages.
  • People who join a Telegram group are called members, and people who join a Telegram channel are called subscribers. Groups can have a maximum of 200,000 members, while Telegram channels have unlimited subscribers.
  • In groups, members control other members of the group. Channel subscribers, on the other hand, cannot view other participants. However, the number of subscribers is always displayed.
  • Telegram channels have a read counter at the bottom of the messages. The counter increments with each reading. In this way, you will have information about the interaction. This counter feature is not used in groups.

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