How To Set Up A Minecraft Server?


You can refer to different methods for setting up a Minecraft server. You can use the game’s own server, or you can set up a server with add-on support or mod method. We are talking about the questions about setting up a Minecraft server. Keep reading!

Minecraft The game has risen to the lead among the world’s best-selling games. Some players like to play the game with their friends or have a big setting up a server It explores how the Minecraft server is set up. A great video game with the possibilities it offers. Setting up a server for Minecraft Those who want to come across three different methods. These methods are as follows:

  • Using the original server software
  • Plugin supported using server software
  • modded server update the structure of the game by installing

Minecraft server setup methods

Minecraft server setup methods explained below:

Setting up a vanilla server

Minecraft’s original software vanilla server is located as. This server does not support plugins. So players can manage servers with original commands. In order to have this server, first of all, by entering the official website, ‘Download MinecraftYou should go to the ‘ section. At the bottom “Java Edition ServerThe server file should be downloaded by clicking the ” link. Then the following steps should be performed one by one:

  • The server file should be placed in an empty directory. File name “server.jar” should be updated.
  • A file named “Start.bat” should be created in this directory and after it is opened with notepad, “Java -Xmx2G -jar Server.jar” code should be written. On the next line, the “pause” code should be added and the file should be saved. The “2G” part in this code states that 2 GB of RAM is given. The user can update this value at will.
  • start.bat” file should be initialized.
  • This part may give an error. What needs to be done”eula.txt” to enter the file and update the value to true. Then restart the server.

Setting up a Minecraft server process is completed in this way. The next thing to do is to adjust the settings and start playing on the server. Other players to the server IP address will enter. If on the local network Minecraft server via modem port setting needs to be done. And also Hamachi app It is used practically because it gives IP without requiring port setting.

How To Set Up A Minecraft Server

Setting up a server on a local network

A person setting up a server in a local network, modem-connected players Plays the game with ease. Also, if the port is opened on the modem or Hamachi network if used non-modem players also enters the local network.

Setting up a Minecraft server Local network, which is the simplest method among the methods, is the choice of many players, especially those who want to play with friends. To take advantage of the local network, after selecting a map in the single player game, the ESC key must be pressed. Next “Open to LAN” or “Play on LAN” button should be clicked. After the necessary settings are made, the local network should be started.

Add-on supported server setup

Users who want to set up a Minecraft server want to add new features to the server with add-on support. What needs to be done for this Spigot and Bukkit Using third-party server software such as Under this title, we will talk about Spigot software, which is one of the most used software. In order to have this software, it is necessary to download it by searching from any search engine. Which version of the server software will be installed, that version should be selected.

After the server file is downloaded, the steps we mentioned for the vanilla server should be applied for the Spigot server software in the same way. After completing the necessary steps,pluginsPlugins should be placed in the ” directory. The server owner should add whatever plug-ins he wants to this directory. The important thing here is that the plugin is compatible with the server version. This way the plugin will run smoothly on the server.

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Installing modded server

Peoples Setting up a Minecraft server Among the things he should know about modded server setup is also included. Some players may want to install modded servers. For this Forge and Fabric There are mod installers available. Under this title, we will proceed through Forge, which is very popular.

First of all, the necessary file should be downloaded through search engines. Which version you want to play modded with that version “installerLet us remind you that the ” state must be downloaded. After the file is downloaded, it should open. After openingInstaller server” should be ticked. Then the directory where the files will be uploaded must be selected by pressing the three-dot icon. After that, click the “OK” button and wait for the process to be completed.

After the server files are ready, the mods prepared for the game are in the server directory.mods” file should be dumped. The next step is to change the name of the server file to “server.jarset to ”. Finally “start.bat” file should be used here as well, as we have just explained.

Setting up a Minecraft server The most complex of the methods is to set up a modded server. Mods to be added must be compatible with the version and the system memory must be sufficient. If the RAM is not enough, the server will not boot or there will be a delay. Depending on the mods will be given to the server RAM amount must be adjusted.

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