How to Take an Online Exam?

The world, which spent 2020 under the threat of epidemic, took various measures to control the virus. Among these measures were curfews, hygiene checks and mask wearing obligations. In addition, many countries have switched to distance education. The biggest part of distance education is the online exam system. We answered the question of how to make an online exam in detail.

online examIt is a type of exam conducted to measure the success of distance education students and to understand their shortcomings. In addition, the online exam is a course evaluation method opened to analyze the progress of students. It is prepared with various question types. Its length varies depending on the initiative of the educator preparing the exam.

While preparing online exams, some specially developed tools are used by educators. The online exam must be performed in the online training tool and platform.

Students had to apply the exam systems, which were decisive in passing the courses, again online. Distance education has led to online exams that determine student success. Students from all over the world took the exams required for their courses via computers or phones. Success measurement and evaluation criteria varied according to schools and teachers. The most common problem in online exams was cheating. Students who took exams at home became more prone to cheating in the face of this comfort. Schools and teachers resorted to various methods in order to prevent cheating.

How to Take an Online

Among these methods keep their cameras on during the exam and follow-up of recordings took place. Moreover quiz screen locked Switching to different screens is also prohibited. In addition, students sometimes two different devices were asked to take the exam. The exam was solved with one of these devices. The students were asked to take pictures of themselves instantly with the camera of the other device. Some schools asked students to put a mirror behind them during the exam. In this way, he tried to avoid the copy. The copy problem was tried to be solved with these methods.

When we examine the statistics, we see that there are many advantages of online exams. It is a great advantage for students to take exams in the classroom under the supervision of a supervisor without being stressed. In addition, students solved their exams in a much more comfortable and confident way. Thus, the grades increased accordingly. In addition, the obligation to physically go to a school for exams has disappeared. This increased time savings in daily life. It has allowed people to study their lessons much more efficiently.

What are the advantages of the online exam?

Many benefits and advantages of testing them on students have been observed. Some of these are listed below:

Measurement and evaluation speed: Online exams are much faster and easier to read and evaluate. Since the platform where the exams are held is familiar with the types of questions asked in the exam, it also evaluates the answers as soon as they are entered into the system. This speeds up the process of measuring and evaluating students’ success. It also reduces the workload of educators. This is considered one of the biggest advantages of the online exam. In many online exams, if there are no questions for interpretation, students can access their own grades when the exam is over. The fact that students see the grades immediately after the exam has increased their opportunity to learn something. The teachers, who got rid of the difficulty of reading exam papers, also devoted their time to the development of the students.
Question types: An online exam is prepared in such a way that it can contain more than one question type at the same time. Exam according to the question format preferred by the educator It can be multiple choice or true or false. It is also prepared in an open-ended, paired, fill-in-the-blank or completely different way. The difference in question types is much more effective in measuring student success.
Ready-made question library: Online exam platforms have ready-made question libraries where educators can prepare online exams. These questions, which are only open to educators, have been prepared in a decisive way to measure the course success and development of students. Educators can use these platforms as well as prepare their own question libraries. This has two big advantages. First, it allows educators to prepare exams very quickly without wasting time. The second is that different online exams are prepared and different questions are asked to the students in the same class. This prevents copying.
Student assessment: Thanks to online exams, exam results are analyzed in a personalized way with the help of various graphics. This analysis process is performed very easily and quickly. The questions asked to the students are examined one by one. In general, it is easily determined which subject is the most difficult in the class. In this way, the development of students is supported by working on that subject much more. Students who want to be evaluated individually are analyzed by comparing different exams. This makes it easier to detect student success. In this way, the missing points in the success of the students who are evaluated individually are determined. Its development will become much easier and more efficient.

Things to consider in the online exam

Advantages of online exam There are some risks as well. There are factors that need to be considered in order to minimize these risks. The measures taken prevent problems that may arise. It provides opportunities such as helping the exam results to be much healthier. The points to be considered in the online exam are listed below, item by item:

  • Different question types: Instead of using one type of question to prevent students from cheating, multiple questions used. When choosing question types, questions that cannot be easily answered should be selected if an internet search is made. In this context, the question type, which is decisive in measuring success, are open-ended questions. Open-ended questions will very easily reveal students trying to cheat from each other. In addition, they will be very useful in measuring success in cases where the students themselves answer.
  • Grouping students: Grouping is very important as the probability of cheating is much higher in large classrooms. It is also much healthier to increase the number of inspectors per person during the exam. In addition, different questions should be asked to students who fall into different groups. This will minimize the possibility of cheating. Because students who encounter different questions will not be able to get answers from their friends. This gives much fairer and more accurate results in measuring success.

Creating an online exam

Specially developed systems and platforms should be used to create online exams. Online exam toolshas increased and diversified considerably, especially with the pandemic. Due to the distance education in all parts of the world, these tools began to be in demand. For this reason, they have developed themselves. All institutions create different online exams with the online exam tool.

Online exams are prepared by choosing from the questions already available in the ready systems. In addition, if educators want to prepare questions themselves, they should upload these questions to the system before the exam. They open the questions they have uploaded before the exam to the students’ access during the exam. Thus, educators ask students the exam questions they have prepared themselves.

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