How to Use Google Analytics What are its features?


Google Analytics is a web analytics service developed by Google that provides statistics along with basic analysis tools for SEO or marketing purposes. In this article, we have shared detailed information about the use of Google Analytics.

Offered to website owners by Google Google Analytics, analysis tool used as. Website owners need to make detailed site analyzes using applications like this. because site analysisincreases the success of the website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, website performance analysis included as a service. This application, which has been used since November 14, 2005, is free of charge. Analytics, which can be used for both individual and commercial purposes, is a platform that stands out with its detailed reports. The application, which is used in many different areas, offers detailed information about visitors entering the site.

How to Use Google Analytics What are its features

What are Google Analytics features?

Google Analytics has many features. One of them is on the main page. reports. There are many reports on the home page. The top one of these reports provides general information about the website. This report includes number of users, number of sessions, bounce rate and session duration. Number of users Indicates users entering the site. Number of sessions shows the number of times a user has accessed the site. That is, the number of users is unique, the number of sessions occurs several times from the same user.

Bounce rateis an information describing how many of the users who enter the website leave. Session duration, is a data that shows how long the users who enter the site spend on the website. On the right side of this data, which is supported by a graph, the activity for each minute in the last 30 minutes is indicated. At the same time, users get more information by examining data by date range.

One of the site’s important reporting tools active users and user retention. Active users present a graph showing how much activity on the site has increased. Retention of users on the other hand, is a graph showing how much time users spend on the site.

Another feature is the time of the day when the website is active. This chart provides detailed reports by showing the time of each day. The darker the color, the more activity there is at that time of day. Another feature is by country sessions. Here, there is information about how many entries from which country.

analytics, number of sessions by deviceIt also allows users to have information about it. This chart holds data about desktop and mobile devices.

Another feature is which page users visit the most. This feature is very useful for platforms such as e-commerce and blog sites. Because this is how you learn which content holds the most. The app shares pages and how many views the pages get.

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Another feature to know about Google Analytics traffic source. The platform informs website owners by providing information on where the traffic is coming from. In addition, linking to the website external sources is also included in this vehicle. Google now scans many pages and gets information about those pages. This gives information about the sources from which the website is accessed.

How to use Google Analytics?

To get started using Google Analytics websitewhat or blogger You need to have a platform like In the next step, it is necessary to create an account by logging into Analytics or log in to the account. On the screen that opens after pressing the setting icon in the lower left, “Create Property” button should be selected.

In the next step, the required fields will need to be filled in to add the website. Here “Property nameField name or title should be entered in the ” section. In other parts, time zone and currency selection should be made. At another stage, some questions are asked. After these questions are answered,Create” button should be pressed.

Now that the property has been created, it should move on to adding the link between the domain and Analytics. On the screen that appears “webClick the ” button and then enter the domain name. The transaction must then be confirmed. Meanwhile with the website Analytics A warning message is displayed because there is no connection between them.

What to do at this stageView label instructions” is to select the option. Then, if a specific script is to be processed, the instructions for that script should be followed. If the user has coded his own website “install manuallySwitch to the ” tab. Here will be a code. of the required files or the file linked to each page.headbetween the tags add the given code needs. This creates a connection between the site and the Google tool.

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