Huawei’s New Operating System HarmonyOS 3 Officially Announced


HarmonyOS 3, the new operating system version that Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei will use on its smartphones, has been officially announced. HarmonyOS comes even more advanced.

One of the biggest agenda items in the world before the pandemic Trade wars between the US and China and the US government Huawei sanctions on Chinese technology companies, especially The Chinese company had a lot of trouble at that time.

Many thought that Huawei would withdraw from the market, but the firm with its own operating system continued its presence in the market. As a result, it announced its own operating system, HarmonyOS. Now the 3rd version of the operating system will appear. As it is known, this operating system is used not only in mobile devices but also in internet of things.

Six major updates are coming

harmonios 3

Notable with HarmonyOS 3 6 major improvements draws attention. These improvements were made in the areas of usage across devices, ecosystem, universal card, smooth performance, privacy and security, and access to information.

HarmonyOS 3 It will now be available on more devices. In addition, the number of devices that can be connected to devices with this operating system will increase. These devices include smart glasses, printers and cars is also included.

On PC with HarmonyOS split screens becomes possible. Thus, half of the screen is used as a computer screen, while the other half becomes a phone. It is also possible to share images between devices with the operating system.


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accused by the US government of security and privacy Huaweiprivacy center, lock screen data access, high-frequency data access, high-sensitivity use, virus blocking gains various features.

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