Improvements Coming to Updates with Android 13: You Will Not Have to Postpone the Update to Your Phone

Android 13, which is still in the testing phase, has already managed to arouse great curiosity with the rumors about it. It has been claimed that one of the biggest improvements of Android 13 will be related to the update installation.

New rumors about Google’s new Android 13 version continue to come day by day. With the rumors of changes to be made about Android 13, which is still under test, it managed to arouse curiosity in Android users. We mentioned yesterday that Google will support eSIM technology with which you can connect to two operators with the new Android version.

In addition to keeping up with new technologies, it is planned to make improvements in the update times of users with Android 13. So, what are these rumors about our devices getting faster updates, let’s take a look together.

The update installation, which was 2 minutes with Android 13, will decrease to 45 seconds.

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It was claimed that one of Google’s ongoing tests for Android 13 is on updates. As in the news we talked about yesterday, the information put forward by Mishaal Rahman, who came to the agenda with these news, came to the fore with Android 13. Major improvements will be made in DSU and GSI systems. towards. According to Rahman’s claims, a small memory increase (from 8KiB to 64KiB) will greatly speed up dynamic system setup times on both physical and virtual devices.


Camaliot, which makes a special weather calculation for you by calculating your location, is now available for Android users

With this improvement made in Android 13 version installation time on physical devices from 2 minutes 2 seconds to 45 seconds; installation time on virtual devices 4from 5 seconds to 30 seconds can be lowered. In addition, it is planned to make some changes in the update screen on Android devices. According to Rahman’s claims, a progress bar showing the stage of the installation will come instead of the ‘Loading’ text on the current update screen. There are claims that the other changes that will enter our lives with Android 13 are the support of ‘system_ext’ and product images. It is stated that these features are not currently available in the Developer Preview of Android 13 and are in the testing phase.

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