Instagram Brought Video Age Verification Feature to Europe: So How Does the System Work?

Instagram brought the age verification feature to Europe and the UK by shooting video, which it started testing in the US at the beginning of summer. The new verification system will analyze and age-verify video selfies taken by users through an age estimation technology.

Photo and video sharing platform Instagram continues to grow with more than one billion users worldwide. For this reason, the platform is making moves on security. Previous research has revealed that Instagram is particularly harmful to young people.

As part of these moves, the giant platform started testing two new features in the USA last June. The company, which wants to verify the age of users, stated that it will try two new methods. The first of these by making a video and the other is to vouch for the followers was age confirmation. Also, the platform already had authentication by uploading an identity. Now, there has been a development about one of these methods.

Video age verification comes to Europe and the UK

Instagram Brought Video Age Verification Feature to Europe So How

Instagram users The feature that enables age verification by shooting video is available to European Union countries and the United Kingdom. brought. The new feature will now allow users to verify age by taking a video selfie in addition to uploading an ID.

If you ask how this verification works; videos taken by users, age estimation technology will be analyzed with The owner of this technology is the UK-based digital identity initiative. yoti. system, user examining your face will provide an estimated age. This video will later be deleted from both the platform and Yoti. In addition, let’s add that Yoti’s technology is not a face detection technology. This; It means it can’t recognize users, it can only guess their age.

With the new system, which is not yet known when it will arrive in other countries, Instagram aims to ensure that users have an age-appropriate experience on the platform. Many experts believe that children under the age of 18 protection from harmful content He wanted age verification technologies to become mandatory for With the new move, it was seen that an important step could be taken in this regard.


There is a guarantor requirement to prove that you are over 18 on Instagram: Those under 18 will have to search for ‘Parent’!

Finally, it should be noted that Instagram, which has a 13-year-old limit, already uses artificial intelligence and in-app systems to verify age. However, studies show that this does not give the desired result. According to the BBC, a study conducted in the UK one in three children reveals that he lied to reach adult content on social media. It is not difficult to guess that this is similar in other countries.

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