Instagram Finally Released The Long-Awaited Feature: All Posts Including Reels Can Be Scheduled

Instagram removed the situation that was causing pain to content producers, and introduced a scheduling feature for both posts and Reels videos. Now, creators can schedule Reels videos as well as other posts directly on Instagram.

Struggling with Reels videos against TikTok, Instagram finally brought the feature that content producers have been demanding for years to the platform. Content producers are now sharing their posts just like They will be able to schedule Facebook post like plans. However, only ‘Professional’ accounts will be able to use the scheduling feature. However, let us remind you that anyone can convert their account to a professional account.

With the new feature coming to Instagram, content producers can share their Reels videos, photos and scrolling posts. up to 75 days later they can plan.

How to schedule a post on Instagram?

  • Step #1: Start creating a post as if you would share it normally.
  • Step #2: Press “Advanced settings” before sharing.
  • Step #3: Press the “Schedule this post” option.
  • Step #4: Specify the day and time you want to share the post.
  • Step #5: Return to the previous page and press “Plan”.

Well, aren’t posts already scheduled on Instagram?


To date, scheduling a post on Instagram has only been Business Suite could be done on the platform. With the new update, planning can now be done directly on Instagram.

But planning the Reals it was not possible on either the Business Suite or Instagram side. Therefore, it was directly in the hands of the content producers to share the Reels videos at the desired time and day.

How to convert Instagram account to professional account?

  • Step #1: Enter the Instagram ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Step #2: Enter the ‘Account’ section.
  • Step #3: Click on “Switch to Professional Account” at the bottom.
  • Step #4: Follow the steps and choose your account category.

“Achievements” for content creators have also arrived!

In addition to scheduling posts, Instagram offers a variety of posts from content producers. achievements can be earned released the feature. Content producers will be entitled to achievements with various actions they take in their Real posts.

For example, creators who regularly post Reels for more than a week will gain achievements for their stability. However, your achievements Instant tracking is also possible.

Instagram’s new features will gradually become available to all users.

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