Instagram is testing notes feature in DM

Instagram is testing notes feature in DM

Instagram, one of the world’s most popular photo and video sharing applications, continues to work on new features.

Users logging into the Instagram DM box started to encounter a new tab. In this section called Notes, users can leave notes on messages. These notes can be seen by your followers.

The new feature of Instagram brings to mind the statuses shared on MSN or “About” posts added to WhatsApp profiles.

disappears within 24 hours

However, Instagram’s note feature works a little differently as the typed message disappears within 24 hours.


Notes to be added to Instagram cannot exceed 60 characters and when a new note is written, the previous note is automatically deleted.

The notes feature, which is currently seen in Instagram’s Android and iOS apps, is still available to a limited number of users.

If you want to check whether the notes feature is available, you can visit your DM box.

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