Intel Announces Loihi 2, New Neuromorphic Chip


A new one is added to the Neuromorphic processors, which were developed with inspiration from the working principles of the human brain. Intel, which is a pioneer in processor production, announced the “Loihi 2”, which is planned to be released in 2023.

In line with the developing technology and user experiences, the interest in Artificial Intelligence has increased considerably in recent years. With this technology, processors designed with inspiration from the human brain are frequently on the agenda. In recent years, similar to the working principle of the human brain, neuromorphic We often hear about the development of hardware that does calculations.

While it is not known whether Artificial Intelligence will replace humans, it seems that it will replace Artificial Intelligence. ‘Neuromorphotic Chips’ quite on the agenda. Intel, the leading company in processor production, has previously produced a processor with neuromorphic chip technology. ‘Loihi’had introduced. According to the statement made by the company, a new one is added to the neuromorphic processor technology. New design that works like a human brain ‘Loihi 2’ work is progressing rapidly.

New generation chip 10 times faster

Intel Announces Loihi 2 New Neuromorphic Chip


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A successful example of neuromorphic computing technology, according to Intel. Loihi 2about 10 times compared to the previous generation faster. This speed increase is 8 times more in this generation than digital neurons, which are the counterparts of the cells on the chips that the brain uses to process information. more due to it. It can be programmed much better in information processing than in the past. The Loihi 2, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2023, was successfully produced in the pre-production process of the Intel 4.

Neuromorphic computing is different from artificial intelligence, which relies on how brains learn and react. In Artificial Intelligence, data is retrieved from traditional computer memory, while in Neuromorphic chips, data is obtained by information spanning neuronal networks. Mike Davies, leader of the group that developed Loihi 2; your chips movements, sounds and even scents states that it is particularly good at detecting quickly. Despite the billions of neurons in the human brain, these chips contain 1 million neurons. But every single neuron in Loihi 2 works much better than those in the human brain.

What is neuromorphic computing?

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The human brain is connected to electrical signal networks. neuron It consists of about 80 billion cells called When enough signal reaches a single neuron, it signals to other neurons. These connections and signal flow are the basis for accessing any information. Learning; this bmaking connections, grounding and strengthening is the process.

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