Internet Explorer Makes History Today! (E Where to Download Google Chrome?)

The last day has come for Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s veteran internet browser. Users will not be able to access Internet Explorer as of today. Here is the history of Internet Explorer, which has been in our lives since 1995 and what will happen next…

Today, both the US-based technology giant Microsoft and for all internet users in the world very important day. Because today, the 25-year-old internet browser first published on August 16, 1995. Internet Explorer for the last day. With a statement made last year, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer As of June 15, 2022 announced that he would be out of support. So today is the last day for those who want to use Internet Explorer for the last time…

Published for Windows 95, Internet Explorer was introduced in the industry in the early 2000s. it was the best browser. However, browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which were released in the following years, were preferred over Internet Explorer, especially thanks to their speed. Microsoft is aware of this situation. edge Developed the web browser. Edge, which has received a major update in the past years and has become Chromium-based, Microsoft’s only internet browser will serve as

There was a link between Internet Explorer and users

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer had a very special place for users. Consumers who are approaching the age of 30 today and those who are older, their first encounter with the internet. They did it with Internet Explorer. However, this veteran scanner could not defy the years. Its security features slow down the system for many users. unbearable took a turn. Finally, it was expected and Internet Explorer was buried in the dusty shelves of history.


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Microsoft’s iconic internet browser, although it has not been used in years, in the internet world never forgotten. The serious part of funny internet posts known as “caps”, now “meme” Internet Explorer slowness was about. If you wish, let’s remember some of the posts about Internet Explorer on the day we say goodbye to this browser…

Here are some of the most popular memes shared for Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer Caps

internet explorer meme

What will users do?

Microsoft also announced what awaits users after today. Accordingly, installing Internet Explorer on a new computer from now on will not be possible. Existing users will be directed to use Microsoft Edge. This will continue for several months. Afterwards, a update will be released. This update, which Microsoft will send to Windows computers, will completely remove Internet Explorer downloads and the browser will literally disappear. In this process, no no update will be offered.


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What will happen to Internet Explorer compatible websites?

Some websites only Internet Explorer compatibility he had. In addition, some companies use Internet Explorer-based systems. Microsoft says such users should use Microsoft Edge. The reason for this is that the company’s new internet browser has a mode called IE. Built-in browser mode, Internet Explorer compatible websites seamlessly running.

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