Iran announces development of hypersonic missile

Iran announces development of hypersonic missile

The arms technology race, which has been going on for many years between the USA and Russia, continues today as “hypersonic”. Nowadays, Iran has also participated in this race.

According to the news of İHA, General Emir Ali Hajizade, Commander of the Air Forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army, announced that they have developed a hypersonic ballistic missile that can bypass air defense systems.

Able to counter air defense systems

Stating that the missile they produced can resist air defense systems, Hacızade said, “Even years from now, an air defense system that can resist hypersonic ballistic missiles cannot be developed. This is a major advance in the field of next-generation missile technology.” used the phrases.

Iran announces development of hypersonic missile #1

Hypersonic missiles can reach speeds of up to 6,125 kilometers per hour and higher.

It is stated that there are no air defense systems that can stop and destroy these missiles, which can move about 5 times faster than the speed of sound.

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