Is Windows 12 Coming: Microsoft Allegedly Begins Working on Windows 12 Before Windows 11 Ends

According to a strange claim, Microsoft started developing Windows 12 even before Windows 11 was in its first year. Let’s take a look at the allegations.

As you know, Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11. It is obvious that Windows 11 has collected a few things from the operating systems around it with the design changes it brings. However, in general a popular design It can be said that he has The comments on this new operating system so far have been mostly positive.

The operating system is not yet a year’ While, it was claimed that Microsoft was after other business. A very small percentage of us users have started to use Windows 11 and this claim, which was made while we were just getting used to it, raised questions in the minds.

Rumor has it that Microsoft has already started developing Windows 12

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