It turns out that the CIA is also using an ad-blocker for cybersecurity


It turned out that organizations such as the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) also use ad blockers to ensure their cybersecurity.

many people ad blocker using apps. Aside from the irritability of advertisements popping up in general, many people actually use these apps for cybersecurity. Because some advertisements that can be used with malicious intent can cause computers to be infiltrated or sensitive information to be leaked.

in the USA like the CIA and the NSA It has been revealed that institutions and organizations affiliated with the Intelligence Community (IC), including organizations, use ad blockers to protect against malicious software on the Internet.

Ad blockers are everywhere


First of all, it is under the umbrella of the organization called IC. intelligence and security organizations Let’s take a look: FBI, DEA, DHS, CIA, NSA and some US Department of Defense departments are under the umbrella of this organization. When we think of the charismatic brothers and sisters in suits in the movies, it seems like special, extremely hard-to-break software is used within this organization, but ad blocker in case of solution they found. On the other hand, if we think about it in the real world, this is quite logical.


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Malicious people who find some vulnerabilities in the way advertisements are transmitted, malware It uses these vulnerabilities to send or retrieve sensitive data. IC officials, who prepared a report on how they combat harmful ads, state that they use a multi-layered ad blocking system on their network.

Ads were discussed.

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before too US Senate had done a study on the data collected from advertisements in the virtual environment and requested a report from the IC. The focus of these discussions was the point that foreign intelligence organizations could use this data and process this data for purposes such as attack and manipulation.

Although the report does not provide details on what kind of security system intelligence agencies use, some ad networks directly from IP addresses reported to be blocked. It was also mentioned that the system used is constantly and instantly updated.

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