“Kid Mode” and Parental Control Coming to Google Assistant: It Will Be Much Safer Now

Child mode and new parental controls are coming to Google Assistant, one of the most popular assistant applications in the world. Thanks to this mode, children will be able to access information on the Internet much more safely and easily.

Google Assistant, one of the most used voice assistants in the world, is a favorite of many Android users thanks to the features it offers. makes your life easier. Especially when compared to Apple’s assistant Siri Looks like Tony Stark’s Jarvis There’s almost no limit to what Google Assistant can do.

Google has announced that they will add a child mode very soon to the assistant application, which it constantly equips with new features.

Will give “kid-friendly” answers

Kid Mode and Parental Control Coming to Google Assistant It

With this new kids mode, parents can use their children’s Google Assistant. avoid answering obscene or overly complex questions. When this feature is activated, Assistant answers questions asked about many topics. in a way that children can understand will answer. In addition, a new parent mode will be added to the Google Assistant application with this feature. Parents who add their child’s Google account through Family Link, Google’s family access application, YouTube, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids and all Google apps will be able to block content that is over a certain age, profanity or violence. In addition, parents, It can also prevent children from accessing certain sites.

A children’s dictionary will also be added to the Assistant application, and the meanings of the words children ask will be explained according to the meaning in this dictionary. Children’s Dictionary with the support of Google It has been carefully prepared by expert pedagogues. let me also point out.

Recognize your child’s voice

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Google over the years not available in our country. OK Google” feature will play a big role in the active operation of the child mode. Especially common devices and devices with Google Assistant, will be able to detect the sound of children and automatically activate the child mode.


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In the statement, child mode and new parental controls will be rolled out to all users, especially Google Nest Hub and other home systems, in the coming weeks. It is stated that it will come to Google Assistant supported devices.

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