LG Introduces a Rubber-like Bending Screen (And Large Enough to Be Used in a Real Product)

LG introduced its new screen that can stretch and bend like rubber and can go from 12 inches to 14 inches. It was not shared when this display technology will enter commercial use.

LG, one of the world leaders in display technologies, announced today its stretchable display technology, which also surpasses foldable displays. LG’s new screen The first display with 100 ppi resolution and RGB color that can reach 20% flexibility it happened.

The new screen, which looks like a fabric in human hands, works with micro-LEDs with a pixel pitch of 40 micrometers. The screen, which is actually 12 inches in size, thanks to its 20% flexibility. It can be enlarged up to 14 inches.

How durable is the screen?

lg flexible display

According to the details shared by LG, the screen is It can withstand 10,000 consecutive changes in its form. In other words, the screen has a very durable structure even in its current form.

So where can this screen be used?

LG’s new display technology can make screens appear everywhere now. Thanks to the stretchable screen technology, our clothes and furniture can also host screens of various sizes, even screens. It can even take place on our skin. Just like in every field of technology, the use of this screen technology will actually be limited only by imagination.

On the other hand, LG has brought the flexible display technology into our lives. It has not yet shared when it will enter commercially.


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