Man Who Hacked Millions of AT&T Phones Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison


The man who damaged the world telecommunication giant AT&T $ 200 million confessed to his crime.

AT&T, one of the largest GSM operators in the world, is a popular and preferred brand especially in the USA, as it sells unlocked phones at affordable prices. The company aimed to keep the users of these phones within itself by locking them. However, this plan fell through in 2012.

A Pakistani citizen named Mohammed Fahd world’s largest conducted a password cracking operation against the phones of telecommunications company AT&T. Plan that includes AT&T employees for 7 years continued.

The company suffered a loss of nearly $200 million.

Man Who Hacked Millions of ATT Phones Sentenced to 12

In 2012, Fahd contacted an AT&T employee via Facebook to help him unlock passwords for AT&T phones in exchange for money. he offered. help with your plan accepting The company employee then began recruiting other employees to the call center in Washington at Fahd’s request. To get payments from scammer AT&T employees who formed his own team for his secret plan fake businesses and fake bank accounts He asked them to open it. deposited in these fake accounts fictitious coins They also created fake invoices for them. AT&T introduced a new system in 2013 that made it harder to unlock phones’ unique IMEI codes. On top of that, Fahd will be able to be loaded into the computer system. bad intentions He started working with a software developer to design it. According to the AT&T employee’s claim, this more to unlock the phone and more began to gain access to information.


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With forensic analysis by AT&T, Mohammed Fahd and the employees who helped him 1.9 million It turned out that he had unlocked many phones fraudulently. 7 years This fraud scheme, which continued throughout 200 million It cost more than a dollar. According to the news published by the Ministry of Justice, although it is not mentioned that customers are harmed by being endangered, it is not clear whether any customers have been affected. Mohammed Fahd was extradited to the US in 2019 after being arrested in Hong Kong in 2018. in September 2020 electronic fraud He was found guilty of conspiracy. in court a terrible cybercrime for a long timeThe man who was tried with was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

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