Microsoft ‘Accidentally’ Shared Windows 11’s Default Square Player


The new media player of Microsoft, which previously leaked the new Paint application with its own hand, has emerged this time.

First leak of Windows 11 and then a tablet using the new Paint in Windows 11 the emergence Microsoft’s new Windows 11 applications started to appear one by one.

Today, the media player that will take place in the new operating system and which is planned to bring a new breath to Windows users has emerged. As for the media player, some things still remain a mystery.

This is what Windows 11’s new media player looks like:

Microsoft Accidentally Shared Windows 11s Default Square Player

According to the resulting image, the new media player is the Windows media player, which has been loved since Windows XP. Windows 11 will be adapted to the design. The app “Movies and TVIt is not yet known whether it will replace the ” application or the Windows media player.

Experts in Windows leaks, on the other hand, are aware of the new application. an app to combine both apps predicts it will happen. Looking at the resulting photo, we can follow the playlists and shuffle them. we see new buttons. In addition, when we look carefully at the published photo, the new media player is integrated with photos we can see too.


Windows 11 Released: For Insiders Only for Now…

It is not yet clear when Microsoft will release the previously revealed Paint and new media player. But most users will find that these new apps will be released in November. It will be offered to users with Windows 11 is thinking.

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