Microsoft Announces Finding ‘High-Risk’ Malware Infecting Hundreds of Windows Devices

Microsoft has announced that it has found a malware called ‘Raspberry Robin’ on the networks of hundreds of organizations from different industries. The giant company described this software as ‘high risk’ and warned users.

With the increasing use of the Internet, billions of people now spend most of their day online. However, it is a known fact that the cyber world has some scary aspects. Every day, malicious people in cyber attacks We hear that there is a presence or that defenses against attacks are being built.

Now based in the USA, one of the largest technology companies in the world. from Microsoft There was a warning about something like this. The giant company made statements about a high-risk malware, which is described as a ‘worm’ and infects hundreds of Windows corporate networks.

‘Raspberry Robin’

Microsoft Announces Finding High Risk Malware Infecting Hundreds of Windows Devices

This malware ‘Raspberry Robin’ It is said to be named as .LNK and spread via USB devices containing a ‘.LNK’ file. According to the descriptions, this worm creates a msiexec.exe process via ‘Command Prompt’ at a user file and launches another malicious file. It is then stated that Raspberry Robin communicates with the command and control servers via a short URL, and if the connection is successful, it downloads and installs a number of other malicious DLLs.

First, that Raspberry Robin is not a new malware, 2021It should be noted that it was noticed by some cyber security experts in . In addition, Microsoft states that it has seen evidence that this software was used even in 2019.

According to the news of Bleeping Computer, the giant company started to warn Defender for Endpoint subscribers about the dangers posed by Raspberry Robin and started to work in multiple industries. hundreds of reported that the organization encountered the worm on the Windows network.


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Finally, it is among the statements that those behind Raspberry Robin have not yet accessed sensitive information. However, it should be underlined that they can easily bypass the ‘User Account Control’ with the things they download and do this. While the goal of the people behind this remains a mystery, the giant company has announced Raspberry Robin. high risk and warns users.

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