Microsoft Announces Upgrade Innovations for Windows Autopatch Application

New features are coming to Microsoft Autopatch, which enables automatic updating of all computers in a system simultaneously. Thanks to these features, Autopatch will become much more functional.

In April, Microsoft introduced new for businesses Windows Autopatch announced the feature. Thanks to this feature, while the systems were updated automatically, it made every update a nightmare for the IT department employees. Microsoft now it’s improving this feature even more.

for businesses Windows Update (Windows Update for Business – WUfB) Windows Autopatch, which automatically updates Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, Teams and other Microsoft 365 services of businesses such as Windows, adds innovations to its already existing features that will provide ease of use.

App-based authentication is coming

ms windows autopatch

As Microsoft’s first innovation application-based verification feature is coming. Thanks to the feature to be used through the Modern Workplace Management application, there will be no need to deal with password rotation, unrecognized service accounts and complex situational access policies. Microsoft has not used the feature before for these reasons. to give a chance invites.

Microsoft also added that devices added to the network after registration control of also makes it easier. Devices not eligible for Windows Autopatch are now also “Unregistered” will be listed under reason for registration ban can be seen on this screen. “Not ready” Specific solutions will be presented on how to include these devices marked as Windows Autopatch.

Finally, regarding the status of the updates, get quality reports it’s going to be possible. Thus, there will be a chance to review the update status, the performance of the devices and the changes made in general. Microsoft will next month ignite will announce more new features about the feature at its conference.

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