Microsoft Is Coming With A Technology That Will Dramatically Reduce The Loading Times Of Games


Microsoft is preparing to offer a more advanced version of DirectStorage technology to game developers this year. Thus, games will be able to load much faster on SSDs.

The size of the games and the content in the games are increasing. This increase leads to an increase in loading times. Both hardware and software manufacturers are looking for ways to increase the loading speed. One of the companies working for this purpose is Microsoft.

Microsoft first used it on Xboxes DirectStorage feature helped games load faster. This feature also came to computers in March 2022. Now, the technology giant, which will renew the feature with a brand new approach, will also significantly reduce the loading times in games.

The GPU will work instead of the CPU.

DirectStorage 1.1 with the system called Microsoft now it will go the way of decoding the compressed data that the processors need to decode to the graphics processors. In a sense, this approach, which is the work of the same logic as the loading of cryptocurrency miners on graphics processors, aims to use the ability of graphics processors to quickly perform repetitive tasks in parallel.

Microsoft has previously stated Windows 11 with operating system, with NVMe SSD stated that loading times on computers were reduced by up to 40%. The new DirectStorage will decompress compressed files over the GPU. The part that requires almost brute force will be done by the graphics processor. This will cut load times by a third.

The CPU workload in the demo Microsoft presented is in the scenarios where DS is running. not exceeding 15% With DS disabled, it went up to 100%. In addition, the processor is free to do other game-related calculations.

Of course, this demo was a special choice to highlight DirectStorage’s features. Microsoft’s statements this has been clearly stated. There are not many systems or games that can use the DS feature at the moment, but everything continues to progress. It is noteworthy that this feature will be a must in the future.

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