Microsoft Launches Tabs in File Explorer: Navigating Files Will Be Easier

Microsoft has started rolling out the ‘tab’ feature it announced for File Explorer in Windows 11 in the past months. It was stated that this feature, which is similar to tabs in browsers, will make it easier to navigate between files.

As we share with you, one of the largest technology companies in the world, Microsoftannounced the innovations that will come to Windows 11 with an event it held in the past months. One of them was the changes in File Explorer. In comments, in File Explorer tab system was stated.

Now the news has revealed that the giant company has started to roll out the highly anticipated new feature that will make it easier to navigate between files and folders in Windows 11.

Tab feature started rolling out

Microsoft Launches Tabs in File Explorer Navigating Files Will Be

According to the explanations, Microsoft is in File Explorer tab presented its new feature to some users with the new preview version of Windows 11. It was stated that this feature will be similar to the tab feature we encounter in internet browsers.

According to the explanations, the purpose of this feature is; open at the same time reducing the number of windows eliminating clutter on the desktop and making it easier to work on multiple files. It was also among the news that this feature was liked by most users. Users were turning to third-party solutions for this before. However, the added tab feature revealed that this is no longer needed.

In addition to the tab feature, it was stated in the comments that there will be another change in File Explorer. Accordingly, Microsoft brought OneDrive forward by renewing the side panel. The following statements were used in the statements regarding this:File Explorer will let you navigate through the folders that are important to you.A refreshed layout of the navigation pane will contain. This will facilitate access to OneDrive cloud profiles as well as pinned and frequently used folders.”


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Finally, although these tests have started, it should not go without saying that it is not yet clear when the new version of File Explorer will come to everyone.

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