Microsoft Revolutionizes Teams with New Artificial Intelligence Features: All Conferences Are Much Better Quality Now

Microsoft has announced that it has added some artificial intelligence-based features to its popular conferencing application Teams. With these features that brought revolutionary innovations to conferences organized via Teams, conferences will now become much higher quality.

Microsoft has been running to help users who want to hold conferences with Teams for a long time. Teams, which provides great convenience especially in business life, is also frequently used by companies. However, since there are many similar programs, there is a great competition among similar applications.

Microsoft Teams also took a step to intensify this competition and announced its new features. Artificial intelligence based features Teams offers users much easier and more functional features. So what are these new features? What benefits will artificial intelligence offer us? Let’s see together.

Artificial intelligence will automatically correct the sound for a better sound experience

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One of the biggest changes made to Teams, with the feature announced by Microsoft today, was related to the audio experience. With the new artificial intelligence technology, users will be able to hear the sounds coming from the opposite side more clearly and their voices will be transmitted more clearly. What enables this is to prevent ‘echoes’ in the sounds detected by artificial intelligence and It can detect the difference between the speaker and your voice. it’s going to be possible.

Another feature that comes to Microsoft Teams with artificial intelligence is the ‘interruption’ feature that we see in many applications. With this feature, you may encounter especially at conferences. solution to the overlapping of sounds intended to be brought. If you can hear the voices of the people in front of you through the loudspeaker and cannot understand what you are saying because of the voices coming from the back, you may experience this situation much more rarely now. Teams, together with the artificial intelligence it has developed filtering out sounds It allows everyone to hear a clear voice, even when everyone is talking at the same time.


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Another content of artificial intelligence includes video conferences. As you know, many of us see a great decrease in image quality when we video chat over the internet. This causes us not to see the person or persons in front of us clearly and to experience disconnections in communication. However, Microsoft is solving this problem with its artificial intelligence, greatly improving the video quality in video chats. This is particularly documented or great improvement for subjects that require a written presentation provides.

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