Move from Microsoft to Show That Mobile Games Can Be Played on Xbox


Microsoft has added Windows 11’s software to run Android-based applications to the Microsoft Store. Although the app called Windows Subsystem for Android doesn’t offer anything for now, it has some interesting details. The most interesting of these details is that there is an Xbox device with minimum system requirements.

US-based technology giant Microsoft’s on October 5 will release stable version Windows 11, Android based would come to the fore with the support of software. Because with this feature, the emulator era would be history. Now, there has been a new development regarding this feature. Microsoft has launched the integrated application that will run Android-based software. Officially released on Microsoft Store.

The application of Windows 11 to run Android-based software, “Windows Subsystem for Android“. When we look at the system requirements of the application, we see that in addition to 16 GB of RAM, a 22000 coded compilation of Windows 11 is needed. It will be released on October 5th It will be the first stable version.

Windows Subsystem for Android has no functionality for now

Windows Subsystem for Android

Windows Subsystem for Android, offered to users testing Windows 11 as part of the Windows Insider program, is currently available. has no function. Installing the application, XDA Developers states that only a black screen is encountered. In addition, Microsoft states that this software is for testing purposes only, and that consumers who can use it do not have any shouldn’t take screenshots states. So Microsoft wants to hide Windows Subsystem for Android for a while.


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The most interesting thing about Windows Subsystem for Android is that the feature Xbox One with Xbox Series X/S being listed for. So this software seems to be available on game consoles as well. However, Microsoft has nothing to do with it. did not explain. If such a thing happens and Android applications work on Xbox models, it seems that a great innovation for the industry will enter our lives. Especially for the mobile game world…

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