MSN Personal Messages Are Back: Adding Status To Instagram Is Now Available

The popular social media platform Instagram has previously announced that it is testing a feature that will allow you to share ‘notes’ with your followers. The feature, which has started to be tested widely, is available to everyone as of today.

operating under the umbrella of Meta Instagramis described as one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. That’s why new features are added to the application every day. It was recently revealed that the company will replace the store tab with notifications. Previously, it was seen that the platform would bring a feature for photos containing nudity.

Now, a brand new feature of Instagram that users can enjoy has been introduced. The feature, which was first tested in a limited number of users in the past months, became accessible to all users earlier today.

The feature allows you to leave a ‘note’ to your followers from the messages section.

MSN Personal Messages Are Back Adding Status To Instagram Is

The feature resembling the personal messages of MSN, the popular messaging platform of the 2000s,Messages’ It allows us to share status in the section that shows us our followers, just below the search bar in the section. According to screenshots shared by XDA Developers text This situation is shared with your followers from the top of your profile photo. Well, ‘Share what’s on your mind’ It becomes possible to share ‘notes’ with your friends from the section that writes the expressions.

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According to the explanations, when these situations that will be used in the DMs section are shared, your followers will not receive any notification. Also, the note you shared, It can also be shared for close friends and after 24 hours will disappear. These show that the new feature will work similarly to stories on Instagram. In addition to your notes max 60 characters It should be added that it will be long.

Also, the shared notes It is also possible to reply. The box that opens when you want to reply to the post also shows when the note was shared.

How to Use the Feature

  • Go to Messages in the Instagram app.
  • Click on ‘Note’.
  • After you write your thoughts in the box in the window that appears, press the ‘share’ button. If you wish, you can also share your note with only your close friends.


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