New Features Arrived in Adobe Lightroom to Make Almost Everyone a Professional Photographer!

Popular photo editing app Adobe Lightroom has received a major update. This update uses artificial intelligence to its fullest to make things easier. Here are the latest features of Adobe Lightroom…

One of the most popular photo editing applications in the world, used with Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroomhas received a major update that will delight users. While the update offered to users improves the usability of the application, much easier somehow allows it to be done.

Adobe Lightroom was an application powered by artificial intelligence until today. However, this artificial intelligence support is as much as Adobe Photoshop. was not developed. The latest update seems to have changed this situation. Because Adobe Lightroom’s artificial intelligence support is now very advanced and some editing processes in seconds makes it complete. Let’s take a look at those innovations together.

Unwanted objects in photos will disappear in a few seconds

The first of the new features for Adobe Lightroom “Content-Aware Remove“. Users will now be able to destroy the objects they don’t want in this photo in seconds. As you can see in the GIF above, all you have to do is adjust the brush size and select the object to be deleted. Artificial intelligence will automatically fill the empty space according to the environment.

Choosing people just got easier than ever!

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom, from now on portrait photos It will also provide significant advantages for users working on it. So much so that it will be very easy to select people with the new Mask feature of the application. The software shows how many people are in the photo. will automatically analyze. The user, on the other hand, will determine whether he wants to take the whole body of the person he focuses on, or just the face. Artificial intelligence will automatically extract the entire image of that person.


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The new feature introduced to the app will not only work for humans. such that objects in photographs or background can now be selected automatically. In this way, those who are engaged in photo editing, as never before they will have the opportunity to complete it quickly.


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