New Solution for Those Who Are Tired of Deleting and Installing Applications from Google to Free Up Storage Space on their Phone

Google has announced a new feature that benefits users who have storage problems on their Android devices and developers affected by the removal of applications. The feature will partially remove applications instead of completely removing them and will save up to 60% of space on the device.

It is one of the biggest concerns of today’s smart phone users, especially those who have not bought one of the latest models in the last 2-3 years. storage space. Storage space, which is a common complaint of both Android and iOS users, causes users to delete things they do not want and uninstall their applications from time to time.

Today, Google announced a feature that will cure this problem of users through developers. The company introduced a new feature to developers ahead of version 1.10 of the Bundletool tool, which will be released soon. With version 1.9.0 released today, Android users will soon be able to see the coverage of each app. up to 60% of storage space they can provide.

Applications can be uninstalled partially, not completely:


With the new feature offered with the Bundletool, the applications will not be completely removed from the phones by the users. On the contrary, the user will temporarily remove a part of the application. This section containing user data, by converting it into a very small APK it will be compressed and will not open in any way until the application is reinstalled.

This feature will benefit both users and developers. While the trouble of constantly deleting one application and installing another, then reverting to the old application and setting everything up from scratch is eliminated, developers also do. app uninstalls they will have a much lower chance of reducing it.


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Developers who want to add the feature to their application, after downloading and installing Bundletool 1.9.0 from GitHub, in the ‘build.gradle’ file or on the BundleConfig.storeArchive‘ feature can be activated. Although the feature currently generates archived APKs, this APKs are not functional yet. The feature is planned to be released this year with all its possibilities.

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