New WhatsApp Application Coming to macOS: First Screenshot Shared!

It has been revealed that WhatsApp is working on a new application for the macOS operating system. This application, which is still under development, will be similar to the desktop version of WhatsApp on Windows computers.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has been supporting the Windows ecosystem for a long time. Users who wish can access WhatsApp via the Microsoft Store. local desktop version They can also download the instant messaging application to their computers. Now, there has been a remarkable development in this regard. of WhatsApp macOS It has been revealed that he is working on a new desktop version for his ecosystem.

According to a report in WABetaInfo, the macOS desktop version of WhatsApp is currently available. under development. This may mean that it may take a long time to use the application. As WhatsApp has not made any announcements on the matter, there is no information on when the app will be available. we don’t have.

The first screenshot from the developed application also came

WhatsApp macos

WABetaInfo is the new software developed by WhatsApp for macOS. first screenshot managed to get it. When we look at this screenshot, we see that when the application is opened, a QR code will be presented and this QR code should be scanned through the WhatsApp application on the phone. Once the user has done this simple operation, their WhatsApp account On your computer running the macOS operating system can start using.


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According to the information obtained, WhatsApp’s new application for macOS does not distinguish between operating systems. So if WhatsApp will be used through this application, It will not be a problem whether the phone is using iOS or Android operating system.

But wasn’t there already a WhatsApp app on Mac?

Some of our readers found a WhatsApp app on the Mac App Store the moment they read this article. at present They will capture the details. Namely, WhatsApp available in the app store, web-based an application. The new application under development is based on Mac Catalyst. So the new app, Apple ecosystem for will have a common base. There will be those who remember; The old application developed by WhatsApp for Windows was also web-based. However, this situation has changed recently and a new application has been started to be run by products working with Windows. WhatsApp developers are now trying to do for macOS what they did for Windows in the past…

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