Next Generation Social Media Initiative from Twitter: Bluesky’s Codes Shared Publicly

Bluesky, Twitter’s subsidiary focused on developing a decentralized social networking protocol, shared its first publicly available codes today. While the company urged developers to tamper with the tool, it advised not to install anything permanent on it for now.

Bluesky, the subsidiary of Twitter announced in 2019, has started the process of developing a decentralized social networking protocol, which is its goal this year. For blockchain-based social networks an open source protocol The company, which aims to create an ‘Authenticated Data Experiment (ADX – Authenticated Data Experiment)’, has published the first codes of its system today.

Bluesky CEO Jay Graber said in his statement that the code of the new system was published. semi-public development process He said it would be the beginning. While the CEO urged developers to tamper with the new system, he warned not to try to develop ‘the next big social media app’ on it for now. Graber emphasized that the published system is not yet complete.

Data will be stored in repositories owned by users:


Developed by Bluesky, ADX will not be a standalone social network design. Instead, social network developers ‘can choose to support’, user-controlled ‘Personal Data Warehouses‘ will be a protocol built around it. In this way, the data will not be in the hands of social media platforms as it is today’s standard and it is owned by the user. In the Personal Data Repository will live.

On the other hand, it is now in the hands of Elon Musk It is unknown how much Twitter will adopt Blusky. Bluesky, in the statement he shared after this purchase, “Twitter’s funding of Bluesky has no conditions but one: Bluesky’s research and development of technologies that enable open and decentralized public speaking” made his statements.

You can access the codes shared by Bluesky on GitHub by clicking this link.


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