No New Flag Emojis Will Be Released After This: OK But Why?

The Unicode Consortium has announced that no new flag emoji will be evaluated and will not be presented to users in the future. Okay, but what harm did the flag emojis do that the Unicode Consortium made such a decision?

The name behind the emojis we use on smartphones, tablets and even computers. Unicode Consortiummade a remarkable statement. In the statements made on the official blog page, it was stated that users will not encounter a new flag emoji from now on. However, this situation ISO 3166-1 It does not apply to flags that will be included in the standard and be recognized globally. Okay, but what harm did the flag emojis do that the Unicode Consortium made such a decision?

Something about why the Unicode Consortium won’t consider work on new flag emojis didn’t say. However, there is an important implication at this point. The investigations revealed that flag emojis are used much less than other emojis. One of the things flag crowd has a situation. It is already known that when emojis are categorized according to their similarity, flags are the category with the most members. All this seems to have pushed the Unicode Consortium to such a decision.

Controversial territories may also be the reason for this decision.

Flag emojis

The Unicode Consortium makes flag emojis available under international standards known as ISO 3166-1, local flags not included in this category could not be used as emojis. However, the flag of some regions within the ISO 3166-1 standard is also not made into emoji. For example, while the flags of Greenland and Faroe Islands belonging to Denmark were included, the flags of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and Adjara Autonomous Republic of Georgia were not included. Unicode Consortium, with its decision political to get out of the discussion Looks like he’s decided.


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By the way; Let me explain for those who are curious. In ISO 3166-1 standard 250 regions is located. In other words, if we look at the fact, the region flags emoji we use should be 250 even in this form. Consider adding the flags used in the sports industry and flags that are important for some segments. Here in such a situation hundreds of new flag emojis should be available. This will affect devices and software both in terms of capacity and performance…

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