No Password Remembering: The Feature to Use Microsoft Accounts Without Password Announced


Microsoft has announced that Microsoft accounts can now be used without a password. Users will be able to completely disable their account’s password requirement feature when logging into their accounts with the Windows Authenticator app.

As it is known, many platforms and applications allow user logins with SMS or in-app confirmations. Microsoft, which has been using this method for a long time with the Windows Authenticator application, now It allows it to be completely passwordless.

Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president of security, compliance and identity at Microsoft, said in a statement about the feature:Attack surfaces in cybersecurity have increased significantly; which has played an important role in accelerating our security initiatives. At Microsoft, we had begun to experiment with password opt-out internally, and almost nobody uses passwords right now

Password usage can be completely disabled:

microsoft authenticator

Removing the password of the Microsoft account is also quite easy. After downloading the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app and linking it to your personal Microsoft account at selecting advanced security options, then enabling passwordless accounts in the additional security section.

The benefits of passwordless authentication are pretty obvious. Most people create their own passwords, and creating a secure and memorable password is not an easy task. In this case, people often use their passwords over and over again, which causes security vulnerabilities; because when a hacker accesses one of the passwords It also gains access to many other accounts of the victim.


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