Now You Can See What Any Place You Want On Google Has Looked Like In The Past

Google announced a new feature coming to the Street View application. According to the company, users will now be able to see the past history of a place from their smartphones. The feature will be available for both Android and iOS.

US-based technology giant Google, 15 years ago, that is, in 2007. Google StreetView offered its service to users. Street View, which appeared as an extension of the Google Maps application, allowed us to travel around the world from where we sat. Users access this service via the mobile application or web version. street images They could go through it step by step. Google has now announced a very important innovation for the 15th anniversary of this feature.

According to the statements made by Google, iOS and Android users now have a place in Street View. their past years can also view. Actually, this feature has been available in the desktop web version for a while. But now the scope of this feature has been expanded. Now you can view the street image of a place you are curious about from your smartphone. How it has changed since 2007 you will be able to see.

This is how the new feature of Google Street View will be used

Google, in its explanations about the new feature it has created, how to reach also announced. According to the company’s statements, if you want to use this feature, you need to open Street View on your smartphone and start viewing a place, then “see more datesYou will need to tap “. This tap will display images of that area from previous years. will provide instant access. Once you have determined which date you want to go to, simply tap on that date.


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This isn’t the only innovation Google has prepared for Street View’s 15th anniversary. According to the statements made, the one who will take the street view cameras also updated. The new cameras are much smaller and portable than the old ones. This means that Google no longer only needs cars. 140MP resolution It seems that the new cameras, which can capture photos that offer pictures, will also allow the capture of street views of places that have not been reached until now.

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