NVIDIA Announces New Platform to Step into the Quantum-Classical Hybrid Computing Era


Although we do not currently have processors capable of directly performing quantum computing, NVIDIA has announced its new platform, which will enter the era of classical-quantum hybrid computing.

Almost 3 years ago, we told you that quantum computing will be the technology of the 2020s. NVIDIA aims to take a giant leap forward in quantum computing by justifying us. Quantum computing technology awaits us in the near future and potentially promises great advances in fields such as pharmaceuticals, electric vehicle engineering, investment and more.

But realistically, most of the apps used to power such advances will not rely solely on quantum computing. They will likely use hybrid quantum-classical computing, along with some algorithms optimized for quantum computing and algorithms running on classical computing infrastructure. But right now there is a missing piece of the puzzle:

But NVIDIA has a problem to overcome.

NVIDIA Announces New Platform to Step into the Quantum Classical Hybrid

There is currently no way for most high-performance computing developers to speed up their existing applications with quantum computers. To overcome this issue, NVIDIA, between traditional computers and quantum processors It offers a new platform called QODA (Quantum Optimized Device Architecture) that will create a unified and open environment.

QODA includes a programming model and compiler tools that enable quantum acceleration of today’s scientific computing applications. That is, QODA is associated with programming models and tools of programming and the applications of today’s scientific developers. with the programming languages ​​they are currently using A program developed to work together.


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NVIDIA is not producing quantum processors, it is creating the classical GPU supercomputing infrastructure that will work with quantum processors in a hybrid way. Therefore, the QODA platform will be an open platform. NVIDIA does this alongside leading quantum computing hardware companies and software companies. in collaboration with research institutions is building. What are you thinking? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source : https://www.zdnet.com/article/nvidias-new-platform-will-usher-in-the-era-of-hybrid-quantum-classical-computing/

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