One UI 5 Officially Announced: First Samsung Phones to Get Android 13 Announced


Samsung has officially announced the Android 13-based mobile operating system One UI 5, which was released in open beta a while ago. Galaxy S22 owners will start using this operating system before the end of October. It is not yet known when other models will receive the update.

South Korean tech giant Samsunga few months ago, the new operating system based on Android 13 OneUI 5.0He started testing ‘ with a small user base. Android 13The company, which tested new features developed by taking advantage of the blessings of the company within the scope of the open beta version, gave the clear signal that the new operating system is on the way.

Now, there has been an important development regarding Samsung’s new mobile operating system. SDC22 Samsung, which took the stage as part of its events, officially announced One UI 5. This announcement means that the Android 13 era has officially started on the Samsung front. Users can use the new operating system in the next stages. to stable version they will begin to arrive.

One UI 5 will come to the Galaxy S22 family before the end of October!

OneUI 5

Samsung’s new Android 13-based operating system, according to the official statement before the end of october It will arrive on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra. In the coming months, we will see the scope of this distribution expand. All the flagship phones that the company started to give Android update, One UI 5 update. they will take in order. However, Samsung has not shared an official calendar for now.

Google a few months ago Android 13and started a new era in the smartphone world. This year, rather than visual performance and safety Focused engineers had greatly improved the user experience. Now, with One UI 5 of all the innovations that come with Android 13 For Samsung phone users We see it presented. So what kind of features are included in One UI 5?

Some features offered with One UI 5:

OneUI 5

  • Theme of the phone with wallpapers, with matching colors can be customized.
  • Widgets placed on the homepage can be combined. So the widgets will take up less space.
  • Language used in applications, regardless of operating system can be changed.
  • App notifications subject to permission will be.
  • lock screen more customize will have the option.
  • Reworked animations will be presented.
  • background effect can be applied.

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