OneDrive Reaches a New Design and Features Special for its 15th Anniversary: ​​It Will Be Social Media For Your Friends!


Microsoft introduced its new design and features for OneDrive’s 15th anniversary. Features also included a social media-like platform where you can share private photos with just friends and family.

One of the cloud storage platforms that continues to replace physical storage day by day. OneDrivelast day It celebrated its 15th anniversary. OneDrive, developed by Microsoft and built into computers with Windows operating system, is special for its 15th anniversary. a new design and new features got it.

Microsoft named ‘OneDrive Home’ for its platform’s special day. a new home page created. The page aims to enable users to access their files more easily by listing the most recently used and related files among the files stored on the cloud platform. Of course, the only innovation published for OneDrive was not limited to this.

New features coming to OneDrive:

OneDrive Home:

onedrive home

With the new login page, users will be able to access all the files they have stored or have permission to access on a single page. in the left menu My Files, Shares and Trash Quick access links to various applications will be offered, as well as folders such as If the files are in the main part of the page, all or application specific such as Word and Excel files can be displayed.

The ‘Events’ column:


The new homepage design will also include an ‘Events’ column to the far right of each file. This column will show users recent transactions on files. Users to files gestures like comments, tags, and shares can follow here.

Quick access section:


The quick access section on the left of the new home page gives users access to the files or applications they want. one click access will provide. Users will be able to pin the files they want to this section.

OneDrive can be a social platform that you can only use with your loved ones:


In addition to these features, Microsoft only where you can share photos with your loved onesThere will also be a platform focused on sharing memories. Users will be able to share photos with family and friends, and these posts will appear on a homepage.

OneDrive’s new homepage design will be released in the coming months, while the feature where you can share photos with friends and family has been made available recently.


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