Popular Wallpaper App Wallpaper Engine Coming to Android


The Android version of Wallpaper Engine, which has a wide user base on the PC platform, is coming. The app is expected to be available in October or early November.

The Android version of the popular PC wallpaper app Wallpaper Engine is most likely, according to its developer of the same name. Coming in October or early November.

The Wallpaper Engine Team announced on its Steam page that the app will serve as a free extension of the $4 Windows software, allowing users to stream their desktop collections to Android phones and tablets over a local Wi-Fi network. There will be no ads or in-app purchases, but as Android users cannot directly access Steam Workshop add-ons Connection to Windows application will be required.

Frame rates can be changed to extend battery life

wallpaper engine

of wallpapers sent to Android devices will also need to be converted to a mobile-friendly format however, the process will be dynamic and complete with customizable settings. Users who are concerned about performance or battery life will be able to make changes to features such as framerate limitations.

The Android leg of the app is said to be an “ambitious undertaking”, but given Android’s large user base, this step seems necessary. The work done is expected to lay the groundwork for “potential future extensions”, but that’s about it. the only option is Mac and Linux. It’s also worth considering that iOS and iPadOS have extremely limited customization options.


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