Russian Government May Legalize Pirate Downloads of Movies and Games: It Will Provide Big Help to Russian Companies

Russia continues to seek a way out of sanctions. After many technology and game companies stopped their activities in the country, the government is now on the agenda to legalize pirated software.

Russia is obviously trying to get used to living with sanctions rather than ending the war. We told you before that Russian billionaires try to hide crypto money and all their other assets in the United Arab Emirates and invest in real estate in the country. The Russian people are currently trying to protect themselves from ongoing and future sanctions, but these efforts show that Russia has little intention of ending the war.

After the restrictions imposed by many platforms on social media and by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian public is trying to access social media platforms in various ways. After the access restrictions, Twitter also developed a site on the dark web. It allowed the Russian public to access the platform. Russian people are now faces many constraints And they seem to be increasing day by day. This causes the government to take new decisions. Today, it has been suggested that the Russian Government could take a very interesting and reactionary decision.

Russian Government may legalize pirated software

pirated software russia

After the withdrawal of many game and film companies from Russia, it was revealed that the government would take a new decision to prevent the public from being affected by these sanctions any longer. According to this law, Russian people can legally access the Internet without any criminal action. will be able to download pirated games and movies. Last week, Microsoft announced that Activion Blizzard and Epic Games were also suspending their services in the country, joining major technology and software companies such as Sony / PlayStation, Twitch, Netflix, EA Games and Witcher.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has enacted a law called “The Priority Plan of Action for the Development of the Russian Economy as a result of the Pressure of Foreign Sanctions”. This new law, which was enacted to protect the economy, may cover pirated software along with many other areas. Although this belongs to the copyright holders of the countries that support the sanctions, the Russian Federation does not allow the use of this software without a license. will have no liability means.


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If such a law is actually implemented, it will be the games of the Russian people published by US companies such as EA. legally without penalty It means you can use it as a pirate. However, some news reports show that this law is much more than the movie and game industry. To help Russian businesses using Microsoft and Apple software says it is. It is questionable how useful Russia’s software piracy regulations will be for companies, as such software is based on cloud-based subscriptions.

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