Samsung and Google Announce ‘Health Connect’ App That Gathers Your Health and Fitness Data Under One Roof

Samsung and Google announced new collaborations. Thanks to the new collaboration, it will be possible to collect your health and fitness data in a single interface.

Samsung and Googleannounced their new collaboration to simplify interoperability between fitness and health applications. ‘Health Connect’ Thanks to the new unified platform and API named; It was stated that it would be possible to securely access data from different fitness apps, devices and wearables to create richer app experiences.

With the application in question, application developers can read and write health and fitness data of a user. through a single interface can happen. On the other hand, users can choose which applications can collect and share their data with the ability to turn off access or delete data whenever they wish. control can.

Health Connect collects many of your general health and fitness data in a single interface


Health Connect supports a variety of general health and fitness data categories, such as activity, sleep tracking, body metrics, vitals, heart rate and blood pressure. However, as Google reports, all your data is stored on your device. locally will be encrypted and stored.

In cases where there are multiple fitness apps providing the same data, users which resource they want to prioritize they can decide. When it comes to consumers, this means that if you save your health data to the Fitbit app, you can theoretically access all this data from your Samsung Health app.


In a statement on the subject, Google Product Manager Chris Wilk said, “With user permission, developers can securely read and write data from Health Connect using standardized schema and API behavior. Users can override their privacy settings with granular controls to see which apps request access to data at any given time. to full control Will have. All data in Health Connect is on-device and encrypted, “ saves as.

While these new APIs are now available to all application developers via Android Jetpack; Among the first Android apps to adopt Health Connect Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and WithingsIt is stated that . Also, the Health Connect app is now available on the Google Play Store. to early access has been opened; however, it’s also worth noting that partner apps have not yet been updated to support Health Connect.

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